Hummus & Garlic Dip

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Hi friends! I know I suddenly vanished from the blogging world, my laptop was not working n had no way to post all the delicasies I made last week, borrowed my friends laptop, so would be posting recipes in clusters. This post was to be posted on Friday were I made a full fledged Arabic Dinner last thursday. With no further delay Iam going to the post, Hummus n Garlic dip. Regarding hummus I know I neednt give much intro, its a famous spread made from chickpeas n sesame paste.
By the name Garlic dip or Garlic paste as everyone would call here is a simple dip made from egg white n garlic. Once you taste this you will surely fall in love with them. Garlic dip is a must serve accompaniment with Roasted Chicken but you can have them with dosa, idly, chappati, parotta or just spread them over bread n have them plain or toasted it tastes marvellous. 
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You need:

Chick peas                       1/2cup
Tahina                               2-3tbsp
Garlic                                2cloves
Lemon juice                       1tbsp

Wash n soak the chick peas over night n coook them till soft, Alternatively you can use canned chick peas too.
Blend the cooked chick peas, garlic, tahina, lemon juice n salt to a smooth paste by adding enough water.
Do check the sourness of the lemon, if you feel you need a little more you can add them. I always make my hummus a little thinner, making them thicker or thinner is up to your preferance.
Serve them with olive oil.


You need:

Egg white                       2nos
Garlic clove                    1nos
Oil                                  1/2cup
Lemon juice                    1/2-1tbsp


You can make them in your mixe grinder or if you have a powerful food processor you can make them in that too.
I used the chutney jar for making them. 
First grind the garlic clove by pulsing them for 30 seconds. Add the egg white n beat them in high speed for 2 minutes. Now the mixture would have turned white,
Now add the oil and beat them again for 2 minutes in high speed. Now the mixture would have turned thick
Add enough lemon juice depending upon the sourness and salt n run them for 30 seconds.
You can serve them immediately where the garlic's hotness will be high. If you dislike the pungent smell make them about 4-5 hours before hand. It would be perfect.
This dip would stay  fresh in the fridge for 3-4days. Use your imagination n have this dip with tandoor or as mentioned earlier or use them as a simple spread in sandwhiches n Rolls


If you find that the dip is not thickening add mayonise or boiled potato to add fullness to it


Hello friend, hru doing?

Hummus and Garlic Dip looks yummy ya! Wish I could taste some now...;)

aipi said...

My all time fav dip..looks great with th extra garlic!

US Masala

aipi said...

My all time fav dip..looks great with th extra garlic!

US Masala

Wow! A dip with garlic! Looks very tasty!

Swathi said...

Hummus and garlic dip awesome.

delicious hummus never had the garlic dip

Priya Suresh said...

Garlic dip, hummus looks fantastic..

Anonymous said...

I just made myself hummus (store bought) sandwich was thinking that i should make my own hummus at home, and here I see your recipe.