Kataif- Cheese/ Arabic Pancakes with Cheese

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Kataif is a type of Arabic Pancake which is cooked on one side stuffed with cheese or nuts, deep fried n soaked in sugar syrup n served. They can also be stuffed with cream n served with sugar syrup, known as Kataif bil Kashta. These pancakes can be made at home and as told cooked only on one side so that they can be stuffed n pinch them well to keep the stuff intact. Since living in Gulf Kataif is easily available in supermarkets n I made them with these ready made ones. For Calorie conscious ones you can bake them n drizzle with syrup and nuts. To make the kataifs at home look in to Arabic Food Blogspot and find the recipe
here. This is an amazing blogspot were you can find a whole lot of Arabic recipes.
Today I made kataif with two types of cheese, Akawi n Mozerella Cheese. They have to be had hot to enjoy the complete taste. Sending them to AWED- KSA guest hosted here event by DK

You need:
Kataif                                      12 pieces
Akawi Cheese(shredded)        6tbsp
Fresh Mozerella (shredded)     6tbsp
Oil to fry

Sugar                                       1/2cup
Water                                       1/2cup
Rose water                               1/2tbsp


Make sugar syrup with sugar and water boil till they are thick in consistency. Add the rose water .
Now take a piece of kataif and on the uncooked side place a tbsp of cheese n close them n pinch the corners well to seal the stuffing inside.Continue with the rest stuffing 6 with akawi n 6 with mozerella
Heat oil n deep fry them, Once  fried put them in sugar syrup for a minute, take them out n serve immediately


Priya Suresh said...

Kataif looks fabulous and tempting..

Urmi said...

Pancakes looks fabulous, yummy and mouth watering. Very beautifully presented.

Very tasty pancakes! Looks inviting!

Nandini's Food Page

never heard about this recipe..looks super!!

notyet100 said...

new for me looks yum,..

Rachana said...

Never had these pancakes. They look really tempting!

This is very interesting one,looks yu

Swathi said...

Arabic pancakes looks delicious.

Pancakes look so moist and wonderfully prepared. Thanks for sharing such an exotic recipe.

Hamaree Rasoi

Satya said...

delicious looking pancake ...thanks for sharing


Krishnaveni said...

wow, beautiful pancakes, delicious

aipi said...

Pancakes look delicious n exotic!

US Masala

delicious dessert

aipi said...

Hi dear..I apologize ..It was a mistake on my part earlier but the vada pav post is now out there :)

US Masala

Hey Niloufer! That's a very unusual dish! Had never even seen anything like this. Cool use of cheese in sweet dish!

This is so new to me ya! Pancakes with cheese...mouthwatering!!! :D

Padma said...

New to me... Looks very tempting.

Nithu said...

Fabulous recipe. Looks so tempting.

These Kataif look delicious, I remember eating them long ago, when staying in UAE :-)