Pom Cukes Salad

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Its 10th of the month and time for Muslim Food Bloggers Challenge. I know I am writing up the post pretty at the last moment.. but was totally caught up in a new project I ve taken up.. hopefully in sha allah it works out successfully .. So whats the topic for this months Challenge? POMEGRANATE .. yes.. the little jewels adorn the topic. Today its a simple and easy to make salad i am posting using pomegranate.. and with this post there is a new template I would like to bring to the blog.

Of lately if you have been following my instagram and facebook I  am putting up one page recipes... simple and easy to make and its one page. and in sha allah i am planning to post all the one page recipes posted there in the blog one by one and to begin  I am starting with this beautiful and simple salad.

For the past two months I am packing salads for my hubby's lunch box along with boiled eggs and sometimes grilled chicken.  its no diet.. viet.. he finds it easy to eat in his busy schedule and salads neednot be hot na.. Slowly I also started to have these salad meals.. and we both found it to filling and not feel hungry for nearly 3-4 hrs.  Making salad 5 times a week you have to don your thinking cap to keep up the enthu of eating salads..

basically I add cucumbers and lettuce either the regular / romaine / Iceberg and change the veggies with mini tomatoes, salad bell peppers, mini radishes, carrots, sometimes i try to add fruits like grapes, apples, oranges and toasted nuts.. actually raisins add beautiful sweet touch to the salad. The salad dressing is cayenne pepper/ sumac/ chaat masala/ salad seasoning..  and at last add a handful of chickpeas or rajma .

sorry to have bored you with a long list.. the salad I am posting is so versatile you can mix and match with any of the above. so lets get to todays salad... MFBC is Pom Cuke Salad. I wanted to highlight the pomegranate in this salad.. so didnt add many ingredients and kept the salad dressing simple and fresh..the heat from cayenne pepper, the cool cukes, sweet and slightly sour pomegranate makes it a perfect combo
Serve it with soft boiled eggs or with grilled chicken or fish it makes a complete meal.. so lets head to the recipe.



Nammi said...

Wow, that salad looks delicious and very refreshing!

Rafeeda AR said...

I like that your hubby prefers salads over proper food. It's easier to make and can be eaten on the spot too, like you say... Totally colorful palatte, and all the best for your project!

I too pack salad for my hubby’s tiffin 2-3 times a week. So I am always trying to make varieties so he doesn’t get bored. This looks like such an easy thing to whip up! The colorful combo makes me want to eat it too!

Gotta know about different types of pome salad through this challenge! Looks so delish!

Henna said...

I'm loving all of the flavor elements in this salad! You've got sweet and sour, spicy, cooling, and crunchy. I bet this was super delicious!

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow...how healthy, refreshing and yum this looks....

Lovely color and a healthy salad!