Nungu Sharbat / Ice Apple Sharbat

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Once again after a long break from the blog.. but this time was completely unexpected.. i think my last post was in feb 2019.. after that life has been a sheer roller coaster... Every time life gets busy blog work always gets abandoned.. feel guilty about it but blogging is something I do with complete peace of mind and need a couple of hours straight to do a single post..  All the words gotta flow from my brain to my fingers.. sometimes i even tell my husband how hard will it be to write a book?

  But saying that I try to keep my social media handles active and you can find me posting easy one page recipes now and then... why recipes in social media and not in blog? the recipes i post in social media are short easy and it takes very less time and I do it from my mobile anywhere.. no laptop required.. In Sha Allah will try to post those recipes also soon. meanwhile checkout my fb & insta handles @nilouferriyaz  for more recipe updates.. my insta handle has a lot of recipe tips too..

  So whats the recipe today.. When Rafeeda gave the topic for this month for Muslim Food Bloggers Challenge I didnt want to miss it.. as there is gonna be a break due to summer vacations.. Even in the mid I had the recipe ready but totally missed out on the date as I was totally busy. The topic given for MFBC#29 was THIRST QUENCHERS/ COMFORTABLE WARM DRINKS.. no guesses for what I am choosing today.. Since we are spending summers in Qatar this year and I have a recipe in hand I clicked when I went to India in March which was officially the beginning of Summers down south there.

  Summers mean you crave for cold drinks .. from fresh fruit juices to milk shakes to mocktails even tang.. but there is one fruit I crave every year  especially after coming to Gulf is the Palm Fruit / Ice Apple / Nungu .. Its a seasonal fruit and its available during summers(march-may) in Tamilnadu but every year I am stuck here when its summers there and when i go to India during vacations in Gulf ( July- August)  its really very rare to find oh how i have missed the fruit. This year our visit fell in the month of march and guess what had Nungu, jackfruit  to my hearts content didnt think making any recipes as i wanted to relish the fruit as such as its a rare delicacy for me..

But one day we made Nungu Sharbat I immediately thought of clicking it and posting it in instagram.. but that didnt happen may be it was destined for a blogpost.. Its a very simple and filling sharbat to make I am sharing all the variations as I dont know when I will get a chance to make them again.
Lets make them.

You Need:

Freshly grated Coconut                    1 cup aprox
Ice Apple / Nungu                            5-6 nos


Grind the coconut with 2- 2 1/2  cup water and strain the milk.
Remove the thick skin from the fruit and wash.
You can chop them or put them in a chutney jar or small processor and pulse it a couple of times.
In a bowl add the coconut milk, fruit and add sugar(according to your taste). mix well and refrigerate them for a couple of hours,
Serve them cold.

adjust the consistency of milk to your taste
you can also make  them with milk , pathaneer
regular sugar can be substituted with organic jaggery powder , coconut sugar too

mix in milk, rose milk syrup, crushed nungu, refrigerate. serve cold

mix in milk, nannari sharbat, crushed nungu, refrigerate, serve cold.

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Rafeeda AR said...

I have had this fruit just once or twice, and it feels like litchis to me... the peices floating in coconut milk is always welcome...

The sharbat looks so cool and refreshing..Would love to have a cup of that!

Nammi said...

Oh this is the first time I am seeing a fresh ice apple. Have seen the canned ones but never thought of trying them mainly because I had no idea what it was.
Its hard right trying to keep an engaging post. I usually write in bulk and havev some in draft.

I haven't had like this the combination looks good