Habbat Al Hamra - Traditional Qatari Drink

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Today is Dec 18 Qatar National Day..The country is decked up with flags and lots of celebrations happening today.. As you can see my post here and here there has been special posts on QND.. This year too when I wanted to post I was confused as what to... so many recipes came to my mind but I wanted to do something very traditional.
                                                                habbat al hamra

 So when I met my bestie and was discussing with her.. she told me why not post Habbat Al Hamra... voila it clicked me because she shared me the traditional recipe she got from a Qatari.. How lucky I am alhamdulillah.. and the cherry on the cake was  her mom had prepared this drink for me .. as I had a bad cold.. when I went to visit her... So all I did was drink , click & share 😍

Habbat Al Hamra - is a drink made from Asario seeds / red seeds / garden cress seeds. It has many medicinal benefits and has also been used in medication during our beloved Prophet Muhammed(saws) time. the modern version of it uses custard powder but the traditional recipe uses spices like cinnamon, ginger powder, turmeric powder all which has exceptional medicinal benefits.

                                                         Habbat Al Hamra

Habbat al Hamra also helps when you have flu and cold . This drink traditionally is served to moms who has just given birth and also served as a welcome drink to the guests who come to see the new born. This drink is not advisable to take during pregnancy as there are chances of miscarriage.

 now without any more story ...Off to the recipe:

You need

Asario Seeds/ Red seeds                         1/2 cup
Ghee                                                        4tbsp
Whole Wheat Flour                                 4tbsp
Cinnamon powder                                   1tsp
Ginger powder                                         1tsp
Turmeric powder                                      1/2 tsp
Dried lemon                                              1 nos
Water                                                        3 cups aprox
Sugar to taste
Pinch of Salt



Soak the seed in water for around half an hour
Heat a pan. Add ghee. then add the flour and fry till they are slightly browned.
Then add cinnamon powder, ginger powder and turmeric powder. and fry for a couple of seconds.
Add the dry lemon.
Now add the soaked seeds and around 3 cups of water, salt ( water depends on the required consistency)
Add sugar to taste.. and cook till it done. it should be little thick and porridge like consistency.
Serve hot.

In Sha Allah will update the recipe with the photo of the asario seeds soon