Cream Bun

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Blogging with break gives the writer's block.. and I am stuck at what to write.. hmmm.. life has been crazily busy alhamdulillah.. school pick up and drop, after school hours and my mornings go busy with fitness classes and to add to it my home baking.. so blogging has taken a back seat.. but when Rafeeda gave the topic for this month's Muslim Food Bloggers Challenge  I badly wanted to participate as the topic was something that we do in our routine life : BACK TO SCHOOL: LUNCH BOX IDEAS.  but the hitch for me was to click a proper pic in the crazy morning time.. 

  With one by one falling sick due to the change in the weather there is less cooking in the morning for the past 10 days.. used this time to click a very simple and easy to make dish.. but I myself fell sick so typing this recipe out seems a herculean task.. okay stories apart lets come to the recipe..
During regular days I make 3 brekkie boxes, 2 snack boxes and 1 lunch box all to be made in an hour and half.. I try to bring a balance. if the brekkie is time consuming then I would prepare an easy lunch and vice versa. This recipe is one such easy to pack brekkie boxes. hassle free absolutely

   So whats the inspiration for this recipe.. its Qbake's  cream bun. to tell frankly i am quite addicted to it.. its so yumm especially on the day its manufactured. when i wanted to  try it out it turned out yummy.  The original cream bun has sweetened cream but I added my spin to it and have sweetened it with jam. And since that day I prepared three different types of sandwich I am thinking to post is a 3 back to back recipes- Easy sandwiches. So here is recipe#1 and the recipe for MFBC #21 :
 Cream Bun.     I made this using Mini milk samona  from Qbake .  This recipe serves one   .

You need:

Mini Samona bun      3 nos
Fresh Cream                 100 gms
Strawberry jam             1 tbsp


Mix the cream and jam together.
Slice the bun in half.. spread the cream on one side. close the bun .
Serve and Enjoy!!

samoona photo courtesy:

Use fresh bread .
you can variate the jam or you can sweeten it according to your taste bud.
Samona is nothing but Hot dog buns. You can also use regular bun too or regular bread



Rafeeda AR said...

So good to see you back! Yes, the weather is great but the flu it floats around isn't that helping... I am also having two in the house getting ready to get a flu... Love these cream buns, it used to be one of my favorite breakfasts when I was carrying Rasha, I would have it with honey instead of jam, loved that combination more... :)

simple and easy lunch box recipe. nice Nilofer

love these quick simple cream buns.. they are handy when you are in hurry

I also have used these mini buns sometime ago...Loved your easy recipe :)

famidha said...

Cream buns was is and always will be my fav! Its a treat that I can have anytime! ��

lubnakarim06 said...

I know how it is to come back after blogging break...was been through that the idea of cream buns...looks perfect for kiddos lunch box...thank you for sharing...