Lemonade Concentrate

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 Summer has started .. which means lemonade .. now and then.. though personally I love lemonade i hate dissolving the sugar in lemon juice every time I have to make lemonade.. Stumbled upon this recipe long time back ( forgot the website coz its really long time back.. sorry) and made this concentrate for the first time and I loved it .. and I have been making them year after year .. making lemonade became so easy.. then why it took so long to come up in blog ..  i never took a decent photo so never had the guts to put it up on blog.. 
     so without beating around the bush lets stick to the lemonade .. this concentrate is so versatile u can make lots of juices, mock-tails and sherbet.  imagination is the limit.

  let me share u some juices u can make :
          make variations in  lemonade ..add flavour and fruits
          nannari sharbat ( sarsaparilla sharbat)
          Add plain soda or 7 up or Sprite
          combine orange , mozambi juice with lemonade
         etc... etc... etc..
      A special summer surprise.. pour them in ice cube trays and freeze them.. bite size tangy lemon ice to enjoy anytime.
With Ramadan coming in less than a month.. prepare this concentrate and making any juice during ramadan becomes a breeze.. So why wait..when life gives you lemons make lemonade ..

                                               Nannari Sharbat made with lemonade concentrate

You need:
 Freshly squeezed lemon juice                       1 1/2 cup
Sugar                                                              1 1/2 cup
Water                                                              1 cup

 Prepare a simple syrup by adding the sugar and water in a pan .. cook  for about 5-7  minutes.. the sugar should have dissolved completely. Allow it to cool completely.
To it add the lemon juice and mix well.
Pour them in sterilized glass bottle and store it in the refrigerator..
keeps well for about 2 weeks.

When you want to make lemonade .. pour required quantity of lemonade concentrate in a tall glass.. add water and ice cubes.. enjoy.

Share me ur ideas on the variations of lemonade u make..



Rafeeda AR said...

What an amazing idea! Especially for those who want lemonade every day... hehe... beautiful color...