Bubur Pulut Hitam / Black Glutinous rice sweet porridge

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Time for the next MFBC  aka Muslim Food Bloggers Challenge.... this is one challenge which pull me to blog... missed it last month due to my super hectic schedule... but when rafeedha gave us the theme BREAKFAST the first recipe that came to my mind is Bubur Pulut Hitam does it sound Greek and Latin . let me clear it.. Its Black Glutinous Rice Porridge...  This recipe always brings back my childhood memories... sunday mornings the house would be filled with the aroma of the porridge..a blissful day it would be..  The combination of sweet porridge with salty coconut milk .. nothing could beat this .. I could have them everyday.. This is also a hot dessert but we always had it for breakfast...

                   Malay food has always been in regular in our menu.. infact I always stock this black glutinous rice ... so what is this rice... if you are familiar with the Thai sticky rice then this is the unpolished wholegrain version of it..though its called black rice . the cooked product has a deep dark purple..the rice is loaded with nutrients and is rich in antioxidants..  this rice is usually made into sweet ..there is even a pudding recipe in sha allah will post in the future.. you can find this rice in Asian grocery store.. or in the asian aisle in supermarket...

                                                          Black Glutinous Rice

   This recipe needs a little preparation before hand.. u need to soak this rice .. the longer u soak it will cook faster.. The porridge takes minimum 1 1/2 hrs to cook.. you can use sugar or palm jaggery to sweeten it.. Pandan or screwpine leaves imparts a beautiful flavour to this porridge so  don't miss it. Thick Coconut milk is used as topping .. fresh milk is needed.. but if its not available you can you canned ones.. but dont use thin milk.    I have tried making it in Pressure Cooker but the taste is not good as the slow cooked ones..  so lets move to the recipe..

You Need:
   Black Glutinous rice    1 cup
  Water                            5-6 cups
  Palm jaggery                175 gms
 Pandan leaves                2 nos
Thick Coconut Milk       3/4  cup

                                                             The right consistency

Wash and soak the rice for preferably overnight.
In a heavy bottomed pan add the rice 5 cups water  .. palm jaggery , pandan leaves and a pinch of salt. When the water starts to boil simmer and cook for an hour and a half.. stirring in between.
You can add a cup of water more if you feel the there is less water in the porridge..  the rice should have been completely cooked and opened up with a sticky liquid.
Cook for more time if the rice is not cooked..
Remove from heat and discard the leaf.
Add a pinch of salt to the coconut milk and keep it aside.
Spoon them in individual bowls and top it with coconut milk.. Serve Hot  . Enjoy

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Yummy this looks delicious

Shanaz said...

This is a very new recipe to me and when I look at the list of ingredients...all sound interesting and really want to give it a try

Rafeeda AR said...

I have seen this rice when I have gone to Palakkad side. Once my hands stretched to pick it up, then HD gave me a stare, so the stretched hand moved back into its position, hehe... The color may be a dampner, but it's rice, and all other ingredients that go in sounds just something to try... I really want to try pandan someday... InShaAllah...

Interesting recipe..!!

Nammi said...

oh wow, I have heard of bubur hitam but never tried it! looks yummy

Thank u dear❤❤

Thank u dear❤❤.. do try it.. u will love it

Rafeedha.. the ones available locally doesn't taste good as the ones available from South East Asian countries... I 've tried it . Once u try panda you will get hooked with the flavor🤗

Thank u dear ❤❤

Oh.. try it u will like it❤❤

The recipe is totally new to me...Looks delicious!