Bun Butter Jam

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So the second one in the 3 Back to Back series-- Easy Sandwiches is our very own Bun Butter Jam. Like the PBJ sandwich is famous in the west.. this is our favorite BBJ..  I love it and I doubt if there would be any who does not like it..  Usually I make sandwiches for my kids tiffin and sometimes for hubby too.. otherwise he prefers typical South Indian Brekkie. So sandwiches according to their taste.. hopefully in sha allah will blog on  the different sandwiches in the near future.

    Coming back to the recipe .. its simple and easy to make a no sweat recipe. 3 ingredients .. Bun Butter and Jam.. Sweet with a tinge of saltiness to balance the palette.. hmmm effect of watching masterchefšŸ˜¬. I love Amul Butter .. Utterly Butterly delicious... spending the childhood in India I am addicted to Amul Butter.. Even after coming to gulf I never miss to buy Amul Butter for sandwiches and Pav. nothing can match the flavour i believe..   So my recipe has a tinge of saltiness to it but you can use any butter .. salted or unsalted to your liking.
For this recipe I have used mini milk samona or hot dog buns.. you can also use regular buns or bread too. 

You Need:

Strawberry Jam


Slice the bun into two halves.
Spread butter on one side.
Spread jam on the other .
Sandwich them .. Slice and serve.

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Cream bun, Bun Butter Jam