Luqaimat/ Saudi Arabian Sweet Dumplings

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Luqaimat- This is nothing but cute little dumplings in syrup. Arabic food is always my favorite n every time I visit local fairs here We would never miss buying these Luqaimats made by the local beduins here.


 The beduins would make them hot, hot and serve us with syrup. These dumplings are crisp and sweet on the outside n soft inside. Im on cloud nine coz I made my fav arabic dessert at home. Always thought this is very difficult to make. But not anymore, a very easy dessert to make that too within half n hour Can You believe this? Once you taste them you will surely fall in love with this tasty dessert. You can also drizzle honey which also tastes heavenly. Donot allow them to soak them in syrup for a long tiome, they would loose crispiness n always serve them warm for best taste. Got this beautiful recipe from here. I made only half the quantity n got quite a lot of dumplings as the dough will puff a lot n you only have to put a small quantity by teaspoonfuls n they will puff up.
Sending them to AWED-KSA guest hosted here event by DK and also to Susan's Yeast spotting
and also to BSI- Milk event guest hosted by Sanyukta


You Need:
All Purpose Flour               2 1/2cups

Instant Yeast                      1tbsp
Warm Milk                         2- 2 1/4cup
Yoghurt                              3tbsp
Corn Flour                          3tbsp
Salt                                     1tsp
Oil to Fry

For syrup:
Sugar                                    1cup
Water                                    1/2cup


For Syrup :

Boil water and sugar together on low heat without stirring until, it is of a thick sticky consistency

For batter :
Mix the milk, yeast, yoghurt together. Put the flour, salt n cornflour in a bowl n add in the milk mixture little by little making a thick batter little thicker than pancake consistensy
Leave to rise in a warm place for 1/2 an hour.
Heat oil, in a wide mouthed kadai,  when hot drop batter in by teaspoonfuls and cook till golden brown.
Drain  excess oil and then put them  immediately into syrup and toss to coat.
Remove them n Serve warm.


this is so yummy feel like having one :)

aipi said...

Wow.. these look so crispy n delish.. very new to me.. book marking :)


It looks so tempting...Nice..

Priya Suresh said...

Fantastic dumplings, feel like grabbing some..

Satya said...

delicious dessert Arabic food..thanks for sharing


Rachana said...

A delicious post! loved it.

Unknown said...

wow, very very tempting pic. Loving the dripping sugar from there.

Hi dear, hru doing? WOW this is looking really great...suits my tea break! :D

Tc..Happy Ramadhan!

Krishnaveni said...

wow, those are really great, looks yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

What cute dumplings! I'd love to gulp them!

Nandini's Food Page

They look so delicious! I like the idea that they are so simple to make and the drizzle of honey must be heavenly :-)

New kind of sweet dish....Looks good
Hamaree Rasoi

Yummy dumplings,..

Hi thanks for the kind words dear :) My friend made these once for me...we had it like a mid night snack...I love these :)

Very nice dumplings ....looks tempting.

Reshmi said...

oooo wow.. I can never feel guilty about my sweet tooth when such a yummy looking dumplings are served to me...

Akila said...

really a different one..

This dessert sure looks delicious. Luqaimat! Sounds great too! :)

Hayley said...

yummy mum used to make very similar stuff called GULGULLA..

Tanvi said...

First time here...And u have an amazing colletion!Wow...I make these with whole wheat...and they taste divine.
Sinfully Spicy

Anonymous said...

In you directions it says to mix flour, salt and corn flour...but you didn't mention cornflour in your ingredients...How much do cornflour do I need?

Anonymous said...

Great recipe!!

Unknown said...

Hello. I made these couple of days ago and it turned out awesome.Everyone loved it for iftar. I now know how to make luqaimat.. Yaay!:)) Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hello. I made these couple of days ago and it turned out awesome.Everyone loved it for iftar. I now know how to make luqaimat.. Yaay!:)) Thank you!

Thank u so much dearšŸ˜ it's wonderful to know you loved it

Cornflour is already mentioned in the list of ingredients