Jelly Custard

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As the name tells this is just our plain old jelly with custard, I once saw this dessert in a supermarket, A famous Dairy company had introduced this Dessert. My son loved this jelly custard n I thougtht why not try them at home. So what I did was set strawberry jelly in small glass cups n later poured custard n set them in the fridge. We enjoyed them alot n my son very well enjoyed his small cup of jelly custard. Im sure you will also love them too.

You need:
Strawbery jelly                  1pckt
Milk                                   250ml+ 2tbsp
Custard powder                2tbsp
Sugar                                1/3cup
Condensed milk                 1tbsp

Prepare the jelly according to the instructions, the set jelly shouldnt be very thin, they should be thick enough to eat. Pour jelly till half in 6 small bowls or cups or in which bowl you want to serve.. Set them completely
It will take around 2 hours if you set them in the freezer.
Once the jelly has set completely start preparing the custard.

Boil the milk with sugar n condensed milk. Mix the custard powder with 2tbsp milk.
Once the milk comes to a boil add in the custard mixture n cook in sim till the custard turns thick.
Cool for 10 minutes, fill in the cups with custard n leave them in the refrigerator till they are set for about 2 hours.\
Serve cold


wowww super & lovely custard looks faboulous dear...

aipi said...

I love this combo ..I also sometimes add lots of seasonal fruits in it..looks scrumptious!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Niloufer,

yummy jelly....


Colourful and a yummy dessert

Rachana said...

That looks great! Feel like grabbing one glass from the screen :-)

That is a lovely presentation! The pomegranate seed on top is sooo cute :-)

My son is going to love this ...Can't wait to try dear. Looks yummy

Hamaree Rasoi

Priya Suresh said...

Feel like grabbing rite now, very tempting jelly custard..

Akila said...

wow what a lovely jelly custard... simply superb... love ur presentation dear...

The jelly custards are very cute and lovely! So sweet!

Nandini's Food Page

yummy love custard

Looks lovely and colourful. well presented.

Beautiful dessert dear. Bookmarking this.

shabnam said...

will tru soon ...good one