Sweet lime / Mosambi Juice

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Blogging after a very long time with a sweet n simple recipe. Sweet lime or Mosambi is one fruit I don't get here in Qatar and I buy them from India every time I come back from vacations. But I always forget to make a blog post on it........ this time I am doing not one post but two ( which will be posted later) with Sweet lime.
  Now coming back to the post... Sweet lime/ Mosambi / Saathukkudi juice is quite common in households and juice stalls. There are quite a number of ways this juice is prepared. some add sugar , some add sugar syrup, some add pepper and black salt but I love adding  agave syrup... and to say It is delicious with any addition of any sugar. There is no exact measurement to this recipe just what suits your taste buds. I know this is a very easy recipe.... just a step to kickstart  my blog .

You need:

Sweet Lime    4 nos
Water             1/4 - 1/2 cup
Ice cubes
Agave syrup   1-2 tbsp


Extract juice from sweet lime using either electric juicer or manual juicer.
Add around 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water  to the juice and the agave syrup and mix well.
Pour in a glass tumbler add ice cubes and serve immediately.


1) If you are adding ice cold water then omit the ice cubes.
2) You can substitute agave syrup with sugar or simple sugar syrup.
3) You can also add a dash of pepper and black salt too for a different taste.


Simply refreshing and delicious looking mousambi juice. Loved the electric bulb looking jar. Excellent pics.

Thank you Deepa

Welcome back dear! I did see a lot of lime stalls this time, but unfortunately just didn't get the opportunity to have some juice... Just love that glass!

Anonymous said...

beautiful presentation and so refreshing juice dear

Thank you Rafee ....

Thank you monu teena

Swathi said...

Mosambi juice looks delicious

saw this cute bottle here at 2dhs center too!! Refreshing juice!

Thank you Swathi

Thank you Priya! These bottles are available in all sizes here dear

refreshing juice,loved that bottle

Nice blog