Mango Cheesecake Shots

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The minute I saw Mango Cheesecake Shots from Rafeedha's blog I should say I fell in love with them... I 've always wanted to try cheesecake but hesitated in trying them... but when I saw her cheesecake in small shot glasses I immediately gave a try. Maasha Allah! It was yummilicious. This is Rafeedha's second blog anniversary and I congratulate her through my blog post, though we know each other only few months back.... our friendship bond has strength-ed deeply. I love the yummy desserts she posts and have lined a few to try out.
  Now coming to the recipe.... these cheesecake shots are very easy to make and perfect for your dinner parties. Can be made a day ahead... hassle free.
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You need:

Digestive Biscuits                 6 nos (crumbled)
Butter                                    50 gms (melted)
Whipping Cream                  200 ml
Icing Sugar                           1/2 cup
Philadelphia Cream Cheese  300 ml
Mango (large) (pulped)         1 nos (approx 300gms)


Mix the crumbled biscuits and the melted butter... the mixture should resemble like sand. Divide them in 6 small glasses.
Then Whip the whipping cream with sugar and beat till stiff. Mix in the cream cheese till well combined. At last add the mango pulp and incorporate them well. Divide them equally among the 6 glasses. top them with crushed biscuits.
Chill them for a couple of hours and Enjoy!!


Mango cheesecake looks soooo... silky and yummy !

Shobha said...

This looks too good. I love the mango flavour. I am bookmarking it.

Shobha said...

This looks too good. I love the mango flavour. I am bookmarking it.

Nava K said...

Simple to make yet so enough satisfying.

Wow this looks absolutely Yummy !

Srivalli said...

This looks so inviting and easy to serve right..very nice dessert to indulge!

Yummy Mango cheese cake, I have prepared it few months before, now i am addicted to cheese cake.