Bitter gourd Idli Mizhagai Podi

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Bitter gourd....... idli podi.........hmmmmm  does that match together???  If I wasn't a blogger then I would have told what a weird combo, but not now. They both match very well. The idea came from watching a health program. She was mentioning about drying bitter gourd  and grinding it to a powder, it is good for diabetic people, Then I thought why not make some interesting dish using the technique,, brought bitter gourd and sliced them thinly and dried them till they were completely dry for about four days,
   Later ground them and got a fine powder,, success at first level, Then what to prepare????? was making Idli Mizhagai Podi  and then thought why not make idli podi with dried bitter gourd (  oopps forgot to take a snap) and it worked, The end result was simply delicious, spicy n less bitter. Has fenugreek and flax seed bringing them on the healthy side.  Bitter gourd being my favorite veggie, now I can have them all the time with my idli dosa yumm yumm.

You need:

Dried bitter gourd            1/4 cup
Chana Dal                       1/3 cup
Urad Dal                         1/2 cup
 Dry Red Chilli (long)       12 nos
Flax seed                         2 tbsp
Whole Asafoetida            3/4 tsp
Garlic                               3 cloves ( big)
Fenugreek                       1 tbsp
Curry leaves                     2 sprigs
Gingelly oil                       1-2 tbsp
Sesame Seed                   1 tbsp
Ajwain seed                     1/4 tsp


Heat a heavy bottomed kadai, add 1/2 tbsp oil and fry the chana dal in medium heat, till golden brown, remove them to a plate
Then add Urad Dal to the same pan and fry them till golden brown.Remove them to the plate.
Now add 1/2 tbsp oil and fry the bitter gourd, Remove to the plate.
Next add another 1/2 tbsp oil fry garlic and chilli, till the garlic turns golden. remove
Now add 1/2 tbsp oil fry the whole asafoetida till they turn crisp add the remaining ingredients and and fry for a minute or two. Remove them to the plate.
Add required salt , Let them cool. Grind them to fine or coarse powder according to your taste. Mix well so that all the ingredients mix evenly.
Tasty Idli podi is ready.


How to make dried Bitergourd:
 Slice bitter gourd thinly and and dry them in sun for 4-5 days. Store in air tight container.


Innovative and healthy

Unknown said...

Wow Milagai podi with bitter gourd very interesting and healthy even :) Fantastic recipe dear :)

Priya Suresh said...

Very interesting podi, would love to get a bottle of podi from you..Incredible!

Thank you Priya, Manjula and Magees kitchen

Asiya Omar said...

Healthy Podi.

Shobha said...

Such a healthy one .. never made or tasted this ..

Asiya Omar said...

Healthy Podi.

healthy and innovative podi

healthy one

Shobha said...

Nice one.. i will make it too.

Something new..using bittergourd, will try out !