Rava Ladoo

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Who can resist a soft and delicious Rava ladoo! thanks to my good friend who shared me her recipe, In the first attempt itself it was super duper hit! Very easy to make, addition of coconut gives the extra texture and taste to it! without further delay lets move on to the recipe

You need:

Rava                                    4 cups
Freshly grated Coconut        1cup
Sugar                                   3.5 cup
Water                                   1.5 cup
Ghee                                    1.5 cup + 1tbsp
Badam                                 10-15 nos
Elaichi powder                      1 tbsp


Heat a wide mouthed kadai, add ghee. When the ghee melts, roast rava and coconut.
Keep aside.
In another pan make sugar syrup by mixing sugar and water. The sugar syrup should be 1 string consistency.
Remove from heat, add the rava and coconut mixture, mix well.
Set aside for an hour, this allows the rava absorb the sugar syrup and fluff up.
Slice the badam and fry in 1 tbsp of ghee till golden. add it to the mixture. Now roll into lime size balls.
This recipe yields around 36 ladoos.


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Simply delicious and lovely looking ladoos.

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