Spring Onion Scrambled Eggs

17:50 Niloufer Riyaz 0 Comments

With an accompaniment again, Scrambled egg is my hubby's all time favorite He loves to have it with any dish, rather than making the same old scrambled eggs I wanted to give a twist to it, found spring onions in my refrigerator and thought why not make scrambled eggs with them, It gave the dish a beautiful flavor and also gave a lovely colour, goes very well with curd rice and rasam. I usually make the scrambled eggs in the same pan in which I make potato fry, the chilli flavored oil gives an extra taste.

You need

Eggs(medium)                                         3nos
Spring onion (white part, chopped)          1/4cup
Spring onion (green part, chopped)          2tbsp
Coriander leaves                                     1 tbsp
Oil                                                          1 tbsp
Crushed pepper                                      1/2tbsp


Heat the kadai, add  the oil, when the oil heats up add the spring onion( white part) and fry for 3 minutes, break the eggs one by one add salt and cook them by mixing constantly, when the eggs cook completely add the spring onion(green part), coriander leaves, pepper and mix well. cook for a minute more, remove from stove
Serve  with your fav dish