Curd Rice

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Who would say no to creamy curd rice on a hot summer afternoon, definitely not me, with potato  fry, scrambled eggs and fryums  it makes a complete meal. this creamy curd rice is my family favorite, my kids will have them everyday and they don't make any fuss when I make them. If you are gonna have them for lunch prepare them in the morning itself about 5 hours ahead. I dont add curd alone but add half the amount of milk so when we have it for lunch the curd is just set, and doesn't turn sour. The texture of this curd rice is silky, and I use mor milagai when tempering , it just adds a zing to the curd rice,as the mor milagai soaks in the curd it adds flavor to it. You can also use dry chilli too but the added advantage is that you can have the mor milagai along the curd rice. Lets move to the recipe

You need:

Parboiled rice                           1cup
Water                                       5+1 cup
Curd                                        500ml
Milk                                         250ml

To Temper:
Oil                                            1tbsp
Ghee                                         1tbsp
Mustard seeds                           1tbsp
Urad Dhal                                 1tbsp
Curry leaves                              a handful
Mor Milagai                             5-6 nos
Asafoetida                               a small pinch

Onion finely chopped
coriander leaves

Wash the rice and cook with salt and  5 cups of water, the rice has to be extermely soft and almost mushy.
If you are using raw rice then 3 cups of water is fine. Calculate the amount of water according to the rice you use, add an extra cup of water to prepare the curd rice,
Mash the rice when it is still hot. Allow them to cool a bit. Add the curd, milk, and 1 cup of water and enough salt and mix well. For the creamy texture Blend it with a hand blender/ grind them in a mixie.
Heat a small pan and temper with the ingredients given, Add to the curd rice and mix well.
Serve them with potato fry, Spring Onion Scrambled Eggs and fryums