Potato Fry

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From kids to elders everyone likes potato fry, because its a super combo with any South Indian Meal. From Sambhar to rasam, lemon rice, curd rice etc ,etc. I love the potato fry made by my Aunt, she used to fry them in dosa tava and the tasteis always awesome everytime she makes, i have tried to replicate her recipe many times but could not achieve it. Thanks to my lovely sister who gave me this recipe which she learnt from her mother-in-law, It's super delicious, crisp on the outside and soft inside and tastes exactly the same my aunt makes. The trick which her mother-in-law told was to cover the kadai tight so that the steam cooks the vegetable in 10 minutes. I follow this rule for all my vegetables and voila not only I cook the vegies fast without losing the nutrients. Now moving forward to the recipe.

You need:

Potato(large)                            1  
Chilli powder                            1 tbsp
Oil                                          1 1/2tbsp
Water                                     1 tbsp


Peel the potatoes and cube them( about 1").
Take a flat pan add all the ingredients and mix well.
Keep the potatoes in a single layer so that each potato is fried uniformally.
Cover tight with a lid and Cook them in medium flame for 5 minutes first, then turn the potatoes over to fry the other side cover and cook for another 5 minutes. Check the potatoes, if it gives a little resistance then cook for 2-3 minutes more. Usually the potatoes cook in 10 minutes.
With a slotted spoon remove the potatoes, draining the oil in the pan.
Serve with your favorite dish

I always reuse the oil immediately by making scrambled eggs in the same pan, It not only adds taste to the eggs, there is no wastage too.  


Priya Suresh said...

Seriously i cant resist to this simple and delicious potato fry.