Umm ali & Muhallebi

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What could be more delightful than a tasty n divine dessert, Yes Iam speaking about the two famous dessert Muhallebi n Umm Ali. Each Arabic Country has it own version of Muhallebi n UmmAli so its like a common dessert to all the Arqab world. Umm Ali is a simple yet delicious dessert made with puff pasrty n milk. In olden days they were made with bread n milk. I made this dessert with croissants n I feel makingb them with croissants tastes best because of the buttery taste from the croissants. its not only rich but tasty too. The photo of this dish is in my personal laptop  so will be uploading them once my laptop is repaired. 
Muhallebi  is another simple dessert flavoured with rose water n vanilla. Its aromatic n I ve omitted Qaimar( Iraqi Cream) n used thick cream instead n omitted the egg yolk for a creamy texture.. The original recipe is here from Arabic Bites.
Sending them to AWED- KSA guest hosted here event by DK


You need:

Croissants                           9nos/600gms
Condensed milk                400gms
Milk                                    500 ml
Water                                 500ml
Cream (whipped)               1/4-1/2 cup
Almonds (slivered)             1cup
Pista  (slivered)                  1cup

Tear the croissants into pieces n keep them aside.
In a big saucepan pour the milk, condensed milk, water n bring them to boil. Add the nuts n croissants and allow them to soak the milk well.
Put this mixture in a big baking dish enough to hold it, the mixture should be only about 3/4th of the dish.
Spread the cream n Bake them for 30-40 minutes @ 180*C . The top will be browned n The dessert set.
Serve them with toasted nuts n vanilla icecream if you like or serve them on their own


You need:

Milk                        4cups
Corn Flour              6tbsp
Sugar                      6tbsp
Thick Cream            1/2cup
Rose Water              1tbsp
Vanilla Essence         1/2tsp
Vanilla Powder          1/4tsp
Ground pista for garnish


In a saucepan add the ingredients n mix well without lumps. Bring them to a boil n cook them till they thicken in about 15 minutes
Pour them in to serving bowls n garnish with ground pistas. Chill them n Sreve


Priya Suresh said...

Wow umm ali and muhallebi both makes me drool..

delicious sweets

Krishnaveni said...

looks so creamy, rich and yummy recipe, great

aipi said...

absolutely beautiful looking dessert!!

US Masala

Padmajha said...

This is the first time I hearing about these two desserts.It does look delicious and simple!