Soccer Ball Icecream Cake & Celebration

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Sorry friends for suddenly vanishing from  the blogging world, was just very busy with summer cleaning, just couldnt have time to sit in front of the laptop. Tomorrow is a very special day for us, completing four years n entering into the fifth year of blissful married life. Exactly four years before on the day of the final match of the FIFA World Cup we got married ( missed the final match). Every year I used to prepare cake on or anniversary day. This year I wanted to try something new, since FIFA World Cup is going on n the final match is on Sunday I wanted to make a Soccer Ball Icecream Cake. This is the first time Im preparing this Ice Cream Cake n it turned ot very well. I was just fearing on the icing part as this was something totally new to me, I only used to Ice regular Round cake. Please bear me for the Icing decoration on this cake. I know it is not the perfect one. My little kiddo was standing nearing me when I was icicng the cake n pestering me give him the soccer ball, So just managed to take some pictures before he had a slice of the cake.
Icing for the cake should be done really fast coz since the cake was frozen the butter cream just froze immediately. I used Ready bought Eggless vanilla cake, you can use your imagination or change the quanity of chocolate syrup n the chocolate chips( they gave a crunchy feeling whem having the cake)
Take care not to work in a very hot room as the icecream will start melting.
You can even change the Icing to your choice, I used Butter Cream, You can use any.
Sending them to my own event Soccer mania

Would be busy in the weekend again so wouldnt be able to blog for these two days, See you till then!!
Have a Happy Weekend!!!!

You need:

Vanilla Cake                        500gms
Vanilla Icecream                  1 litre
Chocolate Syrup
Chocolate Chips

Butter Icing:
Butter                                  175gms
Icing Sugar                           325gms
Vanilla essence                     2tsp
Salt                                      a small pinch
Chocolate Brown Food Colouring         a few drops


Take a round bowl n line them with cling flim leaving extras on the sides to cover them.
Slice the cake in round shape (1/2" thick) n place them in the bottom. Slice the cake in square shapes (1/2"thick) n arrange them in the sides overlapping each other.

Soften the Icecream n put in a layer icecream top it with chocolate syrup n chocolate chips, Spread A layer of Icecream n top it again with syrup n chips, layer them till all the ice cream is used n top them genouresly with chocolate chips.

Cover the icecream with Cake slices. Bring the cling flim from the sides n cover them completely.
Place a plate on them n keep a heavy can or bottle on top. Freeze them overnight.

You can prepare them  before hand n Ice them on the day you want.
The next day invert the bowl on a flat plate n carefully remove them n the cling flim.

Beat the butter n sugar, salt n vanilla essence n beat them till they form firm peaks.
Take one fourth of the icing n mix the food colour to get a nice brown colour.
Take 3tbsp of the white icing n mix 1tsp of water. Spread this icing in a thin layer n place them back in the freezer for 10 minutes. Spread the rest of the icing n Smooth them with a flat splatula n remove the excess.
Put the brown icing in the Icing cone with the writing nozzle n Draw the soccer pattern .
Freeze them again n Serve immediately.


Akanksha said...

wow...looks out of the world!! you made this at home..
You have a nice space here..following you

looks absolutely very nice & happy anniversary!!

Priya Suresh said...

Woww nilou kalakitinga ponga, congrats dear on ur marriage anniversary, wishing u more happiness,health and wealth..Icecream cake pakkave asaiya irruku, appadiye yeduthu saapdinam polave irruku..

Swathi said...


Congrats on your anniversary. Nice soccer ball ice cream cake.

Unknown said...

Niloufer, that is wonderful and beautiful looking ice-cream cake. Too beautiful to even eat, I guess. Congrats on completing 5 years of your married life. May you have lots of blessings, happiness and love in your life always !!!

Indian Khana said...

Wow that's some work...and u hav tons of Patience's for sure :) but the cake is all worth I guess....too gud dear

u r so creative by thought and hand...perfect icing over the cake...requires patience to make icecream cake..u hv done wonders...feels like grabbing the soccer ball off the screen to eat nt to play with...just perfect for ur event...


இனிய திருமணநாள் வாழ்த்துகள்...படங்கள் மிகவும் விளக்கமாக இருக்கின்றது...அருமை..இந்த ball செய்வது மிகவும் கஷ்டம் என்றாலும் அழகாக செய்து இருக்கின்றது...வாழ்த்துகள்...கேக்கினை எடுத்து கொண்டேன்...நன்றி.

lovely sweet treat to start another year of love nad companionship...congrats to both of u...have more blissful anniversaries filled with joy n fun

Owh My!!! What a cute soccer ball!! Just loved the step pics!!! Wish U a Happy 5th Anniversary dear, more years to go...;)

Nithya said...

Wowwwwwwww thats simply fantastic. Damn attractive and so creative too. Love it. :)

RV said...

You have lots of patience yaar. The icecream cake looks so delicious.. Am drooling here.

Krishnaveni said...

beautiful work, great

Congrats lovely cake no wonder your son couldn't wait

Waow, what an awesome ice-cream cake!
Wishing you and your hubby a happy anniversary! (we are celebrating our 4th one soon, too :-))

wow you have really done it very beautifully...simply superb...

GayathriRaj said...

Hey when v have al those ready made items at home then its very easy to make....that a perfect soccer ball shape for the evnt....nice one....i love icecreams and cake...and now thse two together...wowwwww...