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What could be a simple food than our all time fav Idly. Goes perfect with sambars, chutneysn gravies. You can make innumerable variations n make innumerable dishes out from the Idly batter. Comes in handy to make Crispy Dosas, Uthappam, Paniyaram etc., The unfermented Idly Batter Stays fresh in the refrigerator for a fortnight n can be frozen too. Just keep them out n allow to ferment for 16-20 hours, perfect batter is ready to use.
The real trick behind the fluffy idlis is grinding them with perfection. Add the  right amount of water, n ferment it perfectly. During a hot summer the time taken for them to ferment is less, on a cold winter it may take more time. If they are not fermenting well just add Baking soda or baking powder, you will get a perfect Idli. There are a  vareity of Idly Plates n Utensils, You can even Steam the Idlis in the Rice Cooker. If you are steaming them in the Pressure Cooker then do not put the weights on top while steaming.


You need:
Idly Rice or Parboiled Rice                         4 cups
Urad Dhal                                                 1cup
Fenugreek seeds                                        1tsp

Wash the Dhal well n soak them for 6-7 hours.
Wash the rice well n soak them with fenugreek seeds for 6-7hours.
Drain the water from the dhal. Put them in the grinder  first along with half a cup of water n grind till the dhal is ground fine. Now start adding water little by little about 2 cups n grind them till they form a smooth n fluffy batter. When you are starting to add the water the batter will start getting fluffy n adding about 2 1/2cups of water helps to make a fluffy Idli. If you add the right amt of water you neednt add any water to dilute the batter n would be of the right consistency. The Batter would be three times of the Dhal. Remove them n keep aside.
Next add the rice with the soaked water n grind them to a fine batter, n add the right amount of salt required.
In a big bowl pour in both the ground batters n mix them well with your hands, this helps in making the fermentation better.
Now transfer them in air tight containers only 3/4th if you want to use them tomorrow keep it outside n ferment them overnight. The batter would have risen well now n would be overflow the lid .

 To avoid messing Keep a big plate under the container so that any overflow will be on the plate n Easy Cleaning!
Otherwise keep them in the refrigerator n ferment them when you need( within 15days).
This batter freezes well n should be consumed within a month.

Sending it to Jaya's Back to Basics n to Preeti's  Home Alone- Rescue Avi event n to Think Spice- Think Fenugreek guest hosted by Priya Mitharwal event by Sunita


You need:
Fermented Idli Batter


There are two ways in Steaming Idlis, one greasing the idli plate the other keeping them in a cloth n steaming( I follow this traditional method)
Prepare the Idli Batter, never punch down the Batter breaking all the bubbles, this will result in a hard idli.
Very Gently mix in the batter taking care not to break the bubbles.
Pour  about 3 cups of water in the Idli Cooker n bring it to boil, the water should be bubbling hot.
Method 1: Grease the idli plates with oil n pour laddleful of batter n steam them in the cooker for 10-12 minutes. Keep the heat at high for 5 minutes n then to medium till done.
Remove them a wait for 5 minutes before removing the idlis. Carefully remove them with a slotted spoon.
Serve hot with Chutney of ue choice
Method 2: Take a piece of cotton cloth n cut them in round shape fitting the idli plate. cut a small round in the centre. Wet the Cloth n place the in the idli plates.

 Pour spoonfuls of batter n steam them for 10-12 min, keeping the heat at high for 5 min n at medium till done. Remove them idli plates pat the dried cloth with water to make them wet. wait for 5 minutes n Remove them carefully by turning the cloth on a plate n remove the cloth. Serve them hot

This is a simple idly in soccerball design with carrots. If you dont want to make designs just add 1/2 cup of shredded carrots to 1 1/4 cup of Idly batter n make idlis. Sending them to my own event Soccer Mania n to Healing food- Carrot guest hosted by Suma event by Siri

You need:
Fermented Idly Batter

Thinly slice the Carrots n cut out shapes, for each Idly you need 1 pentagon, 5 triangles, 5 strips.
Prepare the required patterns for the required no of Idlis.
Grease the Idly Plate n arrange the carrots in soccerball pattern. Pour spoonfuls of idly batter taking care not to disturb the pattern. Steam them for 10-12 min. Remove n Cool for 5 min n Carefully remove them with slotted spoon.
Seve  hot.

A simple n spicy Idly
Sending them to Veggie/ Fruit a month- Corn guest hosted bt Akheela event by Priya Mitharwal

You need:
Fermented Idly Batter                             2cups
Frozen Sweet Corn                                 1/4cup
Chill powder                                           1/2tsp
Oil                                                           1/2tsp

Heat the oil n add the corn, chilli powder n salt n cook for 10 minutes.
Grease the idly plate n place a tbsp of corn masala. Pour spoonful of batter n steam for 10-12 min. Remove them cool n remove them with a slotted spoon.
Serve hot.

Also Sending Sambar n Mixed Sprouts n Soy Cutlets to Preeti's Home Alone- Rescue Avi event


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even I do variety of idli's soccer ball idly reminded me of rawa idli, even i keep lots of things then place the batter. Superb!

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