Strawberry Yoghurt Pops n a short break

12:31 Niloufer Riyaz 25 Comments

Hai friends! taking a week break from blogging coz got to pay my all my attention to my kid who got badly hurt yesterday. Will miss blogging n will surely be back after a week n will start blogging n visit my friends beautiful blogs(sorry friends couldnt visit ur blogs4 de past 2 days). For now posting a recipe from my draft with the little time I have . Its an easy popsicle to make n will surely please all those who loves the tangy n sweet taste. So friends, Bye!! n c u all back in a week
N friends do send in your entries for my event Twenty-20 which ends by May 31st

You need:
Yoghurt             2cups
Strawberry        6nos
Sugar                3-4tbsp

Blend all the ingredients and pour them in  icecream moulds n freeze overnight.
Remove them out of their moulds n Serve

Sending these delicious pops to Yasmeen's I Scream for Icecream event


oh i hope your kid gets well soon, and strawberry pops looks yum as well...

Umm Mymoonah said...

Yogurt pops looks lovely Niloufer, may Allah(swt) make it easy for him and give him a speed recovery.


தங்களுடைய குழந்தையினை பார்த்து கொள்ளுங்கள்...விரைவில் வந்துவிடுங்கள்.....நன்றி

Popsicles look tasty, hope your child is better Inshallah may Allah make it easy .

shriya said...

Kids def love them. It looks soo perfect and delicious.

Indian Khana said...

Pops looks just yumm..and takecare of ur kiddo..hope he will get well soon..

Take care dear...I hope your son recovers soon.

Unknown said...

Niloufer, those look lovely, I just got pop moulds yesterday, so will surely try a similar variety soon :)

What a simple and easy Popsicle! Hope your son recovers soon. See you around later!

don't worry yarr..they will get well soon..take care of them ..

I remember my mum made dis for us...n now hw my jr enjoys every yummy lick.

And hey hope ur kid gets well care.

Hey, what happened to Ur kid dear? Wish everything is okey!

Pops looks really refreshing! Take care! ;)

Priya Suresh said...

Fabulous pops, hope ur kid will get well soon, my prayers are with him..take care:)..

Parita said...

Looks so yummy..perfect for summer!

Rachana said...

I hope your kid gets well soon... sending my prayers to you.
Strawberry Pops are perfect for this hot summer :) So refreshing and delicious!

dear how is son of him..he needs u this time...god bless him with good health soon...the pops looks so invitiong and bful color...melts in mouth..lovely

Hayley said...

yummy and cool starwberry pops...look after your baby and yourself..

Wish for your kid's speedy recovery.
Pops looks yummy

Hamaree Rasoi

Anonymous said...

Best wishes of recovery for your little one. We'll be missing your posts. Take care.

sonu said...

oh oh ..hope ur ltl one gets well soon...and these pops r looking too sure ur kid will njoy it..

Padmajha said...

Do take care of ur lil one Niluofer,hope he gets well soon.Btw,the pops looks very tempting

Anonymous said...

Hi dear,

Hoping your little one is better now and sending best wishes of recovery.
We are missing you here!
Take care.

pierre said...

t looks delicious bravo !! PIerre

shahana said...

How is your kid now?
The picture looks so tempting.
Perfect for kids.