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 I used to prepare rasam from readymade rasam powders but my  hubby always tells me that rasam needs improvisation. He just loves Rasam. Then I learnt this Simple Rasam from my mother. It is very easy to prepare and the plus point is that the rasam powder used here is freshly prepared with only three ingredients and is very aromatic coz of the use of fresh spices used. Prepare the powder, make the rasam mixture and prepare this rasam fresh when you are about to serve by tempering and cook the rasam till it just boils. My mother always tells me never to over boil the rasam as it spoils the taste. Had this rasam with fish fry and perfect for a saturday lunch. I love adding little chicken or mutton gravy to my rasam when eating, though this combo tastes weird it tastes divine.
Sending this aromatic rasam to CWS- Cumin seeds guest hosted by Sara event by Priya, and to Think Spice- think tamarind guest hosted by PJ event by  Sunita and to my own event Twenty-20.

You need:
Tamarind                  small lemon size
Cumin Seeds            1tsp
Peppercorns             1/2tsp
Red chilli                   2nos
Tomato                     1nos
Garlic                        3pods(sliced)
Coriander leaves        a small handful
Oil                             1tbsp
Mustard seeds            1tsp
Curry leaves               few

Dry roast the cumin, pepper n red chillies for a minute. Coarsely powder them.( always prepare them fresh)
Meanwhile soak the tamarind in a little water and extract the pulp.
Add 1 3/4cup water to the tamarind pulp, crush the tomato and add to the tamarind water, Add the sliced garlic, coriander leaves, rasam powder and salt.
Whe you want to serve, heat oil add mustard seeds n curry leaves, when the mustard seeds starts to splutter pour the prepared rasam and cook till it just gives a nice boil.
Serve hot with Rice


Priya Suresh said...

Happy Mother's Day Nilou..wat a comforting food, am a rasam lover..

Padmajha said...

Sure must be tasty!Thanks for sending it across for the event.

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day !!! What a lovely looking rasam. Beautiful !!!

Malar Gandhi said...

Happy Mother's Day, dear. Wonderful comforting rasam

nice & comforting

Soma Pradhan said...

please pass me some..m feeling sick and tired today..dying to have this

Fairy Garden said...


Rasam is good, different variety than I prepare.