Okra Chips

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Bhindi, Okra, Vendaikai, Lady's Finger. The name given to the slender vegetable in different languages has more nutrients than we have imagined. It is a rich source of fiber, vitamin B6 and folic acid. It also helps in reducing serum cholestrol thus reducing the risk of heart disease. But many of us dislike it often because of its gooey nature. Try it out and you will not notice that its okra at all. This can be had as a perfect accompaniment for rasam, curd rice etc, etc.,

You need:
Lady's finger    5-6nos
Corn flour        2tbsp
Besan flour       2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Chilli powder     1/2tbsp
Oil to fry

Mix the flours, salt and chilli powder.
Wash the lady's finger and chop the top and bottom out.
Cut the lady's finger slantingly. Mix in the lady's fingers in the flour mixture.
Do not add water, the dampness in the vegetable is enough to bind.
Heat oil and deep fry till crisp.
Serve with any  of your favorite dishes!


Unknown said...

Bumped in here from foodie blog,must admit u have an awesome blog,cool collection of recipes...

Okra Chips never heard before,looks very innovative.Crispy n Delicious..

Great entry...
Keep Up the good work

Sook said...

Oh I've never tried Okra but everyone tells me how great they are. I would like to try this.