Cheese Omlette in Bread Casting

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This is an unusual way of  serving Cheese Omlette and bread. A wild idea just struck when I was just asking my hubby as what to prepare for breakfast, why not make cheese omlettes in bread castings. Since Priya of
priyaeasyntastyrecipes is hosting Valentine event I made this in heart shapes. You can make it in any shape.
A banana smoothie or chocolate milkshake( will post later) will be a good accompaniment and a complete breakfast. Sending this to theannouncing-hearts-for-st-valentines-day event hosted by Priya

You need:
White bread                                2slices
Egg(medium)                               1nos
Mozerella cheese(shredded)        2tbsp
Salt and pepper to taste
Butter                                          2tbsp

Cut out the center of the bread using a round or square shaped biscuit cutter.( For the event I used a big heart shaped  one to cut the bigger heart and a smaller one to cut the center of the bigger heart)
Beat the egg with salt and pepper, add cheese. You can also use finely chopped red or green bell pepper, spring onions.
Heat the tawa and place the cut out bread (here its the big cut out heart).
Keep the heat in simmer. Place spoonfull of the egg mixture till it fills the hollow center.( Take  care as not to over fill, the egg should be intact in the bread)
Apply 1tbsp of butter to the edges, Close it with a lid and cook for about 2-3 minutes, then flip it over and add the remaining butter and allow the edges to crisp.
Remove and serve it with tomato or sweet chilli sauce.


Pierre said...

waht a nice dish congratulations !! I am Pierre a french foodie !!I have a blog on french creative food come and visit me !! Cheers from Paris Pierre

Tina said...

First time here....Cheese omlette looka yummy yummy..

Thank you Pierre. Surely will visit your blog

Hai! Tina, Thanks for the lovely comment. Will post more yummy dishes in future

Simply Life said...

those are adorable too! they just must be so fun to eat! :)