Mini Bread Pizza

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This is the most easiest way to make Pizza. Its also a sure hit among kids as they will be fascinated by the litttle star or heart shaped pizzas. These pizzas are great as finger food in parties. You can make this in the tawa or bake it in the oven. You can make the pizzas with any topping you like, here Iam using chicken sausages (my son's favorite). I made this pizza in heart shapes and sent to announcing-hearts-for-st-valentines-day event hosted by Priya of priyaeasyntastyrecipes .

You need:
Bread                                   3-4slices
Pizza or Tomato sauce          2tbsp
Chicken sausage                   1 nos
Mozerella cheese shredded    5tbsp
Butter                                    2tbsp

Thinly slice the sausages.
Cut out any shapes(preferably small shapes around 2 inches) using biscuit cutter. Thinly apply sauce on one side of the bread.
Arrange the sausages on the bread and put around 1 tbsp or more cheese if you wish it to be gooey.
Heat the tawa and keep it simmer, Place the bread pizzas and apply the butter on the edges .
Cover with lid and cook for 3-4 minutes (the cheese must have melted and the edges crisp)
Serve hot.

You can convert the extra pieces of the bread into bread crumbs. Toast the bread till dry or microwave it for three minutes. Cool and grind in the processor and store


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