Sagu Biyyam Murukku/ Javaarisi murukku

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This was last month's challenge for ICC but couldnt participate coz of chicken pox. But I wanted to make them coz they sounded soo crispy. So on Friday I made this Murukku and to be honest they were really really tasty. RA and jr loved them a lot and my son came asking for it again again " Amma give me muruk"
" Amma give me muruk". It was so crispy and definitely this is my first homemade murukku as I usually make with ready made flours. Thanks to Srivalli. I used small sago seeds and there was no fire crackers as those small pearls soaked well and I used melted ghee instead of oil for the lovely flavour. This will be definitely something new to try and sending this to efm- sweets and savories for diwali event by Srilekha

You need:
Rice Flour                   2 cups
Besan Flour                1/2cup
Fried Gram Flour        1/2cup
Sago                           1/2 cup
Curd                           1/4cup
Chilli powder              to taste
Salt                            to taste
Ghee                         50 gms
Oil to fry

Add 3/4 - 1 cup water to the curd and make  buttermilk and soak the sago seeds in them for 2 hours.
The sago seeds should have soaked well otherwise they will burst into crackers when dropped in hot oil.
After two hours the sago seeds will have absorbed all the buttermilk add little more water and mix well.
Mix the flours, chilli powder, salt, sago mixture and melted ghee and knead to chappati dough consistency adding little more water if necessary.
Heat oil in a kadai. In the Murukku Achu add the dough and press down directly over hot oil. Cook on medium flame till they are cooked well.
Cool and Store them and Enjoy


Looks like a perfect snack at tea time, love its colour, am sure must be very tasty as well

Priya Suresh said...

Crispy murukkus looks super prefect!!yumm!!