Mixed Sprouts Chappati

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Sprouts are one dish that is packed with nutrition like vitamins, proteins etc., all together. There was one packet of mixed sprouts which I purchased last week but just didnt know what to do. No one was prepared to have them as salad. Put on my thinking cap and there stuck an idea. Why dont I make them into chappatis. So cooked them and added onoins, chillies, wheat flour, soy flour and made them into chappatis.
It was so tasty and was like having all the beans and dhals in one dish. Needs no side dish. Can have them on their own or with sweet chilli sauce. A sure helper to make kids eat sprouts. Sending this to Anitha's vegetable-marathon-event - Beans

You need:
Mixed Sprouts                     1cup
Wheat Flour                         2cups
Soy  Flour                            1cup
Onion                                    1nos
Green chilli                            1nos
Salt                                       to taste
Jeera powder                        1/2tsp
Amchoor powder                  1/2tsp
Ghee                                     2tbsp
Oil                                         2tbsp

Cook the sprouts in 1 cup of water for 10 to 15 minutes.Drain the sprouts and retain the water.
In the food processor add the onions and green chilli and blister them for 30 seconds. Then add the sprouts and again run the processor for a minute till the sprouts are well broken and mixed with onions.
In a bowl add the sprouts, wheat flour, soy flour, jeera powder, amchoor powder, salt and the retained water and knead to a soft dough. Add little more water if you need.
Divide them into equal portions and roll them out into thin chappatis. You will need to dust more flour to roll them out.
Cook them on both sides by drizzling mixture of oil and ghee on the sides
Serve them hot


Padma said...

Healthy chapathi and nice use of all flours too.

Healthy & nice idea to include sprouts this way...sounds great niloufer...

Priya Suresh said...

Wat a healthy chappathi..looks great!