Aish El Saraya - Arabic Bread Pudding

Back with participating in Muslim Food Blogger's Challenge.. this months challenge was to choose from any of the previous 9 challenges.. As soon Rafeeda gave this challenge I chose Arabic Sweets and actually wanted to make Layali Lubnan.. but didnt get an opportunity to make it... thanks to the hectic schedule. Was almost on the verge of not participating in the challenge but alhamdulillah got  some free time as we didnt move out in the weekend. Moving out of the house almost 6 days a week mostly prefer staying at home on fridays.. How good it feels to stay at home and do work peacefully rather than driving , waiting in class for kids...

   Coming back.. checked my phone if I had any photos of Arabic Sweets and there it was .. Aish El Saraya -- Arabic Bread Pudding. decided to make a blog post on it and participate in MFBC#22 Made them first time  when my mom came to Qatar in the beginning of this year. That month  dear Shanaz posted this recipe and i was just attracted to it... and my mom's visit after 5 years gave me a reason to make this dessert. The dessert was very easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Check here for the original recipe from her website.

 After the occasion I ve made this dessert innumerable times and sometimes made the custard alone which is lipsmackingly  yumm. The addition of Orange Blossom water gives a cool feeling when eating. Perfect for parties and definitely a crowd pleaser. Try it once you will definitely fall in love with it šŸ˜

You Need:

Milk                                         500 ml
Sweet Condensed milk            1 can (400 gms aprox)
Cream                                      300 ml
Corn flour                                 5 tbsp
Rose water                                2 tbsp
Orange Blossom water .           2 tbsp

Sugar                                       1 cup
Water                                       1cup
Lemon juice                            1tsp
Rose Water                              1tsp
Orange Blossom Water           1 tsp

 Small rusk / toasted bread      30 nos aprox
Pistachios  crushed or sliced
Dried Rose Buds (optional)


Take a large baking tray 9*13 inch  and line the toasted bread in a single layer or as a double layer. if there are any gaps you can fill them with broken or powdered toasted bread.
Next prepare the sugar syrup:
In a saucepan add the sugar and water and dissolve it over medium heat.  Once the sugar dissolves cook for about 2 minutes. Remove from heat.
Add the lemon juice, Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water.
Pour the prepared Sugar syrup over the prepared toasted bread and set it aside.

Prepare the custard:
Mix in  the cornflour in half a cup of milk.
In a saucepan add the rest of the milk, cream, condensed milk, rose water and orange blossom water. Mix well.
Bring it to medium heat and add the cornflour milk mixture and stir continuously.
Take care to avoid lumps. Use a whisk for a smooth custard. In around 10 minutes the mixture will start to thicken and form a pouring consistency.
Remove from heat and allow to cool for about a couple of minutes.
Pour this custard over the soaked bread evenly.
Sprinkle pistachios and Rose Buds.
Allow to cool completely and Refrigerate for 5-6 hours.
Serve Cold.

The pudding I made is a single layer
I used Whipping cream for this recipe.
I have used milk rusk here for more milky flavour. you can use any toasted bread of your choice.
The use or rose buds is completely optional.

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Honey Bun

Its ages since I blogged continuously .  .. hope to continue this mojo... okay coming back the last in the 3 Back to Back Series is Honey Bun.. I dont know what to name it really blank.. Its just another version of Bun Butter Jam. This sandwich is my hubby's favorite. I am not too fond of honey but hubby is just the opposite.. he is super fond of it. this recipe is his actually. 

  While  making the other two sandwiches made this one too and thought why not blog it.. Sorry for the bad photo was running out of time.. clicked this pic with 15 minutes in hand to drop the kids to school. This completes my first back to back series..  easy sandwiches.  All three are super easy to make and perfect for brekkie or to pack in lunch boxes..  lets hop to the recipe straight

You Need:

Butter ( salted / Unsalted)


Slice  the bun in two halves.
Spread butter on both sides.
Drizzle honey on top.
Sandwich them. Slice and serve

                                  from left: Bun Butter Jam , Cream Bun, Honey Bun

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Bun Butter Jam

So the second one in the 3 Back to Back series-- Easy Sandwiches is our very own Bun Butter Jam. Like the PBJ sandwich is famous in the west.. this is our favorite BBJ..  I love it and I doubt if there would be any who does not like it..  Usually I make sandwiches for my kids tiffin and sometimes for hubby too.. otherwise he prefers typical South Indian Brekkie. So sandwiches according to their taste.. hopefully in sha allah will blog on  the different sandwiches in the near future.

    Coming back to the recipe .. its simple and easy to make a no sweat recipe. 3 ingredients .. Bun Butter and Jam.. Sweet with a tinge of saltiness to balance the palette.. hmmm effect of watching masterchefšŸ˜¬. I love Amul Butter .. Utterly Butterly delicious... spending the childhood in India I am addicted to Amul Butter.. Even after coming to gulf I never miss to buy Amul Butter for sandwiches and Pav. nothing can match the flavour i believe..   So my recipe has a tinge of saltiness to it but you can use any butter .. salted or unsalted to your liking.
For this recipe I have used mini milk samona or hot dog buns.. you can also use regular buns or bread too. 

You Need:

Strawberry Jam


Slice the bun into two halves.
Spread butter on one side.
Spread jam on the other .
Sandwich them .. Slice and serve.

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Cream bun, Bun Butter Jam

Cream Bun

Blogging with break gives the writer's block.. and I am stuck at what to write.. hmmm.. life has been crazily busy alhamdulillah.. school pick up and drop, after school hours and my mornings go busy with fitness classes and to add to it my home baking.. so blogging has taken a back seat.. but when Rafeeda gave the topic for this month's Muslim Food Bloggers Challenge  I badly wanted to participate as the topic was something that we do in our routine life : BACK TO SCHOOL: LUNCH BOX IDEAS.  but the hitch for me was to click a proper pic in the crazy morning time.. 

  With one by one falling sick due to the change in the weather there is less cooking in the morning for the past 10 days.. used this time to click a very simple and easy to make dish.. but I myself fell sick so typing this recipe out seems a herculean task.. okay stories apart lets come to the recipe..
During regular days I make 3 brekkie boxes, 2 snack boxes and 1 lunch box all to be made in an hour and half.. I try to bring a balance. if the brekkie is time consuming then I would prepare an easy lunch and vice versa. This recipe is one such easy to pack brekkie boxes. hassle free absolutely

   So whats the inspiration for this recipe.. its Qbake's  cream bun. to tell frankly i am quite addicted to it.. its so yumm especially on the day its manufactured. when i wanted to  try it out it turned out yummy.  The original cream bun has sweetened cream but I added my spin to it and have sweetened it with jam. And since that day I prepared three different types of sandwich I am thinking to post is a 3 back to back recipes- Easy sandwiches. So here is recipe#1 and the recipe for MFBC #21 :
 Cream Bun.     I made this using Mini milk samona  from Qbake .  This recipe serves one   .

You need:

Mini Samona bun      3 nos
Fresh Cream                 100 gms
Strawberry jam             1 tbsp


Mix the cream and jam together.
Slice the bun in half.. spread the cream on one side. close the bun .
Serve and Enjoy!!

samoona photo courtesy:

Use fresh bread .
you can variate the jam or you can sweeten it according to your taste bud.
Samona is nothing but Hot dog buns. You can also use regular bun too or regular bread


Lemonade Concentrate

 Summer has started .. which means lemonade .. now and then.. though personally I love lemonade i hate dissolving the sugar in lemon juice every time I have to make lemonade.. Stumbled upon this recipe long time back ( forgot the website coz its really long time back.. sorry) and made this concentrate for the first time and I loved it .. and I have been making them year after year .. making lemonade became so easy.. then why it took so long to come up in blog ..  i never took a decent photo so never had the guts to put it up on blog.. 
     so without beating around the bush lets stick to the lemonade .. this concentrate is so versatile u can make lots of juices, mock-tails and sherbet.  imagination is the limit.

  let me share u some juices u can make :
          make variations in  lemonade ..add flavour and fruits
          nannari sharbat ( sarsaparilla sharbat)
          Add plain soda or 7 up or Sprite
          combine orange , mozambi juice with lemonade
         etc... etc... etc..
      A special summer surprise.. pour them in ice cube trays and freeze them.. bite size tangy lemon ice to enjoy anytime.
With Ramadan coming in less than a month.. prepare this concentrate and making any juice during ramadan becomes a breeze.. So why wait..when life gives you lemons make lemonade ..

                                               Nannari Sharbat made with lemonade concentrate

You need:
 Freshly squeezed lemon juice                       1 1/2 cup
Sugar                                                              1 1/2 cup
Water                                                              1 cup

 Prepare a simple syrup by adding the sugar and water in a pan .. cook  for about 5-7  minutes.. the sugar should have dissolved completely. Allow it to cool completely.
To it add the lemon juice and mix well.
Pour them in sterilized glass bottle and store it in the refrigerator..
keeps well for about 2 weeks.

When you want to make lemonade .. pour required quantity of lemonade concentrate in a tall glass.. add water and ice cubes.. enjoy.

Share me ur ideas on the variations of lemonade u make..