Singapore Butter Cake & 6th Blog Anniversary

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Calling for celebration now... Alhamdulillah completed 6 years of blogging ..... Feels like just started the blog but see how time has passed.... 6 long years .... Thank you my dear blogger friends for supporting me even though I don't blog very often due to my personal commitments..... In these 6 years have learnt many things through blogging...... grew confident that I can cook .... gained lots of friends .... and not  to mention my wonderful family who have been the pillar of support to me in all these years.. .
  For this years blog anniversary I am posting my Mom's recipe - Singapore Butter Cake ... this recipe has been in my drafts for quite some time and I thought why not post this now ....  Butter cake the word itself describes how buttery the cake would be..... Still reminiscing the utterly butterly taste of this yummy cake... I remember those early days where we would beat the butter n sugar with a whisk... and fight to lick the batter in the bowl..... the whole house used to smell so heavenly....

This cake is usually in our house with margarine and that too with a particular brand Planta available in Singapore / Malaysia.... this tastes the best.
The alternative to it is our very own Amul Butter .... this  cake will have little salty touch to it
But then you can use any unsalted butter too.
I made this cake with Planta the last tin I had... not available in Qatar now... and sorry for not so good photo ... actually baked this cake for a friend and managed to click in between.
Lets proceed to the recipe

You Need:

All Purpose Flour         400gms
Margarine/ Butter         450gms
Sugar (powdered)         350 gms
Eggs                              8 nos
Baking powder              4tsp
Vanilla Essence            2 1/2tsp
Salt a very small pinch - optional
Butter(2tbsp) & Flour (2tbsp) -- For Greasing


Preheat the oven @180*C.
Grease two  9" round pan with butter first and dust the flour over it completely. Turn the pan upside down and remove extra flour.  Alternatively you can grease it with butter paper too or spray non-stick baking spray.
Bring the eggs to room temperature. Shift the flour n baking powder together.
Beat the Butter and Sugar till pale and creamy in your hand mixer or stand mixer.
Add in one egg at a time. Beat well after each addition of egg until it turns creamy.
Add the vanilla essence
Add the flour little by little incorporating well each time.
Pour into the greased pans. Tap well to remove any air bubble . Bake them for 45 min - 1 hour.
Check whether the cake is completely cooked by inserting toothpick in the middle of the cake.
If the toothpick comes clean... the cake is cooked completely.
Allow the cake to cool for 10-15 minutes. then slowly flip them on the wire rack .
Slice them n Serve warm.

This cake can also be served at room temperature.
If you want to decorate the cake .. cool the cake completely.


Divide the batter in two parts. Keep one part white and to the other part add around 1/4 cup Cocoa powder and mix well. place alternating spoonfuls of each mixture in the pan and swirl mixtures into each other with a skewer.  Bake as mentioned above

Picture of Planta:
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Srivalli said...

Lovely texture!..Congrats and wishes for many more!

Congrats dear on your milestone!! Wishing u many more to come! ! Cake looks fab!!

Thank you Srivalli

Thank you Priya

That cake does look really buttery... the texture looks lovely... congrats on six years of blogging... hope you will blog more frequently... :)

Congrats dear.....the cake looks super delicious..feel like having one slice....

Shobha said...

Such perfectly baked cake .. Planta picture brought back old memories.. we used to get that in Nigeria too.

Jazakallahul khairan Rafeeda 😍

Thank you Gloria 😍

Thank you Shoba. .. yes dear

Thank you Shoba. .. yes dear

Swathi said...

congrats wishing you many more years of happy blogging lovely cake.

Congrats dear on the completion of six years of blogging...Wishing u many more...The cake looks real moist and buttery..Superb :)

Unknown said...

It is so tempting.