Eggless Dumroot/ Dummadai / Rava Adai

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I've already shared the recipe of the famous  Dumroot/ Dummadai / Rava Adai almost five years back in my blog. After receiving  a request for the eggless version of the Sweet.... thought of what could be the substitute to the eggs as this is completely an egg based sweet. Then I remembered the basboosa recipe where yogurt is used in the recipe and no eggs... but my preparation method of Dummadai didnt suit it.... Seeked the help of my friend who has shared a couple of recipes in my blog. She gave me her recipe and I substituted the eggs instead and used yogurt.. the recipe was a success and  here I give you the Eggless Dummadai / Rava  Adai

You Need:

Semolina/ Rava                 1 cup
Sugar                                 1 cup
Ghee                                  1/2 cup
Thick Yogurt                    1/2 cup
Water                                2 tbps
Baking powder                 1/4 tsp
Evaporated Milk              75 ml
Almonds                           1/4 cup
Cardamom powder           1/2 tsp
Saffron                              4-5 strands (crushed)
Salt  a very small pinch


Preheat the oven @ 200*C and Grease a 8" square pan 
 Soak the almonds in hot water and peel the skin.
Grind the peeled almonds and sugar to a fine powder.
Mix the yogurt, water, baking powder and salt and mix well.
Heat Ghee in a pan and roast the semolina for about 10 minutes. 
Remove from fire and add the sugar and almond mixture, cardamom powder .and mix it well. 
Add the evaporated milk , yogurt mixture , saffron  and mix well.
Pour them in the greased pan  and place them in the lower rack in the oven and bake them for 10 minutes.
Now reduce the temperature to 170* C  and place them in the middle rack now and bake them for about 20 minutes.  Insert the skewer and check whether its done.
Remove from the oven and run the knife around the edges to loosen them. Transfer them to a plate.
Cut into squares.... Serve and enjoy.
Always cool them completely before storing them in air tight container.   


Priya said...

This looks really delicious.Nice recipe dear

Rafeeda AR said...

I first went to your older post and then came back here... sounds really interesting... I really don't know why but I am yet to bake with rava... got to shake that off very soon...

Thank you dear😊

Thank you rafee. .. In sha allah

Thank you rafee. .. In sha allah

delicious...would love to give it a try :)