Suji Crystal Cookie

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Very excited to host this month's Home Baker's Challenge  and especially its my favorite Malay cuisine. Malaysia is famous for its cookies and bakes. I still remember my Grandmother making cookies for Raya (Eid)..... yummm  it was.  I chose this Suji crystals and it was a super hit in my house... especially my daughter who loved the colorful cookies. Very easy preparation but I changed the recipe a bit as the original ones were like volcanoes, and the dough was a bit stiff.... so I used regular ground almonds, and did not melt the ghee.. found this version better.

Recipe adapted from:

You need:
All purpose flour                  1cup
Baking powder                     1/2tsp
Baking soda                          1/2tsp
Icing sugar                            1/2 cup
Ghee                                      1/2 cup
Ground almonds                    1/4 cup
Salt                                        1/8th tsp
Vanilla extract                       1/2tsp
Edible Food colours              pink, yellow , bue
Castor sugar for coating the cookies


In a cup sift together all purpose flour,baking soda, baking powder and salt.
To it add ground almonds and icing sugar .
Beat the ghee well using your hand in a bowl, for about 5 minutes. The ghee should have changed its consistency.
Now add this ghee and vanilla extract to the dry mixture and form a soft dough. Allow it to rest for 15 minutes.
Divide the dough in to three equal parts  and add food coloring's of your choice, I used only pink and blue, the other I left it white.
Take about 3grams of dough from each colour and combine it to a ball which will produce marbled effect.
Prepare all the cookies and place it on a cookie sheet  with 2 inch gap in between. Pre-heat the oven  to 170*C and bake the cookies for 10 - 15 minutes. the cookies should not brown.
Cool the cookies, roll them in castor sugar and store in air tight container.

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Rafeeda AR said...

so beautiful they look... my post will be up by afternoon InShaAllah... will link in... :)

These cookies look so delicious.. Lovely color too

Unknown said...

Such a lovely and tempting Cookies...

very interesting recipe dear..

nayana said...

wow they look so yummy

Unknown said...

cute cookies and thanks for wonderful suggestion of recipes!!!

yummy colourful cookies

cookies look fabulous

Anonymous said...

so beautifully done cookies :)beautiful colors

Love the pretty colours on the cookies...looks yumm!

Hanin said...

Really mouth watering! Just cant stop with one!