Cake caramel pudding

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Sponge cake tastes yumm, caramel pudding tastes heavenly what if both comes together ,, yes it's the heavenly yumm yumm -----  Cake caramel pudding------ the first time I saw in the tv wanted to give a try , googled up for the recipe and landed in Fauzia's fun kitchen
My first trial was a kind of ok then the next time adjusted the recipe in accordance with my taste buds and made the perfect ----- Cake caramel pudding----- two equal layers of cake n caramel,

There are actually few points to be noted ------  be patient
------  allow the dessert to set preferably overnight then flip them over to have the perfect dessert
------ you can play with the colors for sponge, make it into marble cake or rainbow cake
------- just divide the batters and add colors to it
------- these can be steamed too, gives almost the same taste n texture(( always cover them tight before steaming)

You need:
For Caramel:
Sugar.        60gms
Water.         2tbsp

For pudding:
Milk.            500ml
Sugar.          70gm
Eggs.           4 nos
Vanilla essence. 1tsp
Condensed milk.   1 1/2 tbsp
Milk powder.      1 1/2 tbsp

For sponge cake:
Eggs            3 nos
Sugar.          90gm
All purpose flour.    100 gms
Butter.          30gm ((melted))
Milk.           2 tbsp
Vanilla essence.    1 tsp

Preparation ::
Grease an 8" square or circle pan, preheat the oven to 170C 

Proceed with the following steps:

Add the sugar and 1 tbsp water in pan, melt in low heat until sugar starts to caramelises to golden brown colour, now add 1 tbsp of hot water (( never add cold water as it tends to crystalize))
Stir well and pour into the prepared pan and spread well, the caramel should turn solid immediately 

Pudding ::
Heat the milk and add the sugar, stir until the sugar dissolves completely, 
Meanwhile beat the eggs for 30 seconds now while whisking the milk slowly add the milk (( never add the milk wholely at a time the heat from the milk will cook the eggs,, add slowly to steady the temp ))
Now add vanilla, condensed milk n milk powder,, mix well

Slowly strain the mixture through the sieve to collect the air bubbles
Allow the mixture to sit for a while and spoon out the remaining buble if there is bubble then the pudding will be full of holes 
Now spoon out the pudding mixture carefully over the caramel , don't pour hastily it might disturb the caramel

Sponge cake::
Separate the eggs 
In a clean bowl whisk the egg whites half the sugar till it forms stiff peaks.
In another bowl beat the egg yolk and remaining till they turn creamy n pale to it add melted butter, vanilla essence, milk, mix them well add  the flour part by part and mix thoroughly.

Now add 1/3 rd egg whites and incorporate it to the batter well, then fold in the rest of the egg whites gently otherwise the cake will lose the sponginess, 
If you need to add color divide the batter and add colors to it
Now add dollops of cake batter to the prepared pudding mixture, and smoothen the cake batter 

Prepare a water bath----- take a little larger pan that would fit the cake pan . 
Place the prepared pan into the large pan and gently pour hot water in to the large pan till it reaches half way up
Bake them for 40 minutes and allow it to cool
Cover them with foil and refrigerate them for minimum 12 hours allowing them to set. 
Later flip onto a large tray carefully cut them into squares and enjoy!!
#### you can also steam them, cover them tightly with aluminum foil and steam for 40-50 minutes ####
This is the steamed version


cake and caramel together,mmm....nice idea!

Rani Vijoo said...

tempting Cake Pudding ...looks delicious!

Unknown said...

Such a nice dish. I bookmark it to make it one day

Priya Suresh said...

Hard to resist to this luscious dessert.I want few slices..