Sugar-free Rose Syrup & Rose Milk

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Wanted to make something innovative, Something not easily available for Priya Suresh's event and here is it. Nowadays people want healthy food and in sweets and desserts they opt for Suger-free products. Many sugarfree syrups and squashes are available in the market but I've not seen Rose Syrup , so thought why not give it a try. Inspired from Ambika's kitchen Imade this syrup. The rose syrup made from refined sugar is thick but this syrup is thin, but no change in flavour.  Sacrifice texture for health. Tried using stevia natural sweetener but its tart flavour did not gel with rose flavour. Then tried with Tropicana Slim Sweetener. was very satisfied with the results.

I think this is a much healthier option from readymade syrup wich contains more sugar.And now with Ramadan coming this would be a suitable option. People with Diabetes can enjoy this Rose Syrup once in a while, and when made from low fat or skimmed milk there is less calories too. Sending them to Priya's announcing-healthy-diet-diabetic

You need:

For Rose Syrup:
Artificial Sweetener               1/2cup
Water                                  1/2cup
Rose water                          1tbsp
Rose essence                       1/2tsp
Red food colour                   few drops

For Rose Milk:
Sugar-free Rose Syrup                      1/4cup
Cold Skimmed/ Low Fat Milk           3/4cup


For Rose-Syrup:
Mix water and sweetener . Heat them for about 3 minutes. Allow this simple syrup to cool.
Then mix with Rose water, essence and food colour. Pour in clean glass bottles and refrigerate.

For Rose Milk:
Mix syrup and milk and enjoy!!


Priya Suresh said...

Excellent, love ur sugar free rose syrup Nilou..

Colorful looking rose syrup.