Arabian Crown Pizza- Chicken

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Making homemade Pizza after a long time. When Priya Suresh posted pizza in the home bakers challenge there was a lot of flavours going in my mind Indian , Italian, etc., After a long dilemma concluded in this pizza combined Arabian Pizza and crown pizza  inspired from Pizza hut and made this delicious pizza.
Being in gulf got access to many Arabic spices and I love the Bahraini masala, such a wonderful masala with a beautiful aroma. Made chicken and meatballs with this masala  and it was truly delicious, the meatballs were soft and succulent , overall enjoyed the pizza! The recipe is quite long but not tough to make, lets get moving...

You need: (makes 1 large pizza)

For the pizza base:

All purpose flour           2cups
Warm Water                1cup
Instant active yeast        7gms/1 sachet
Olive oil                        2tbsp
Sugar                            1 tsp
Cornmeal                      1tbsp

For the Garlic sauce:

Egg white                    1nos
Garlic                          1 small clove
Oil                               1/4cup
Lemon juice                1/2tbsp

For the Arabian chicken:

Chicken breast sliced         1/2 cup
Bahraini masala                  1tsp
Olive oil                             1tsp

For the Arabian meatballs:

Chicken mince               250 gms
Garlic sauce                   1tsp
Tahini                             1tsp
Bahraini masala             1tbsp
Dried parsely                1tsp
Lemon juice                  1tsp
Cornflour                      1tsp
All purpose flour           1tbsp

Other ingredients:

Butter                                          2tbsp
Dried Parsely                              1tsp
Mozarella cheese shredded           150gms
Olives sliced        
Olive oil to drizzle


Pizza base:
Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water, keep aside for 10 minutes
Mix flour, oil, salt and the yeast mixture and knead them to a smooth dough for about 10 min.
Cover them with wet cloth and place them in a warm place for an hour for them to rise.

Garlic Sauce:
Pulse the garlic using the chutney jar, add the white yolks and whisk them at full speed for 2 minutes.
Add oil and whisk them for 2 minutes. Now add the lemon juice and salt and whisk them for 30 seconds

Arabian chicken:
In a hot pan add olive oil chicken, masala, salt and coat the chicken well, cook for 8-10 minutes.

Arabian Meatballs:
Grind all the ingredients except cornflour and all purpose flour to a smooth paste.
mix the flours roll them into balls
Heat oil in a pan and and cook the meat balls for around 7-8 minutes, remove and keep aside

To Assemble:

Pre-heat the oven to 180*C
Roll out the pizza base into a circle of about 14"
Grease the tray with butter and sprinkle cornmeal. Place the rolled base in the tray, Apply butter on top.
Place the meatball around the base giving a decent space between them.
Slit the base in between the meatballs, pull the ends towards the centre making a crown.
Apply sauce evenly in the centre, sprinkle parsley and cheese evenly.
Top them with chicken and olives. Drizzle olive oil over the pizza and bake them for about20-30 minutes.
Hot and yummy pizza is ready to be served enjoy


Beautiful crown pizza............