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Another Event Announcement Today, Global kadai on of the famous ongoing series is being hosted here for  the first here, Very very happy n thanks to Cilantro. Global Kadai is a very interesting event started by Cilantro, where we choose an international recipe n give an Indian Touch to it, prepare them in Indianised way.
This month Ive chosen Chinese Spring Rolls. They are the traditional snack n Appetizer of the Chinese made with round or square thin sheets with fillings rolled inside n deep fried. Spring Rolls Spring rolls have a long history in China. It is said that the pastry appeared way back in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, when people would make thin cakes with flour and eat them with vegetables on the day of Beginning of Spring. The cakes were called “spring dish” at that time.
Source: kaleidoscope
Chinese Spring Rolls are popular during the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. The filling can be meat or vegetarian, economical or rich. Fujainese Spring Rolls are the best, while Shangainese Spring Rolls have diversity of fillings, Cantonese Spring Rolls are world famous, known as Egg Rolls.
So friends Prepare Chinese Spring Rolls in Indianised way, be it veg or non-veg and send them to me before Sept 30th.

Here are the Rules:

Prepare Chinese Spring Rolls in Indianised way, make Indian Filling, or Indian pastry, just give an Indian Touch the Chinese Spring Rolls.
Both Veg n Non Veg Recipes accepted but no pork meat please.
Link your entries to this event announcement page and to Cilantro's event announcement page n send them before September 30th.
Archived entries are accepted but link them to both the event announcement pages, no need to repost them.
Send your recipes to with the following details:

Blog name:
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Recipe name:
Recipe URL:

Non bloggers can also participate, just mail me the recipe with photo.
Why wait start sending your recipes! The recipe for the Vegetable Chinese Spring Rolls is given below.

Chinese Spring Rolls need no intro to us. Nowadays Spring Roll Pastry is available in ready made in all the supermarkets which makes life more easy, Ive made the vegetarian version which I learnt from my mom, have used carrots, cabbage, red n green bell peppers n Spring onions, you can also use Bean sprouts for more crunchy Rolls.Ive used large Spring Roll Sheets, you can also use small or medium sized pastry sheets,  Sending them to Sanyukta's Visual Treat.

You need:
Spring Rolls Sheets(large)       12sheets
Cabbage  (shredded)              1cup
Cabbage (shredded)               1 1/2cup
Green Bell Pepper                   1/2cup
Red Bell Pepper                      1/2cup
Spring onions(white part)         1/3cup(chopped)
Spring onions (green part)        1/2cup(chopped)
Ginger( finely chopped)            1tbsp
Garlic( finely chopped)             1tbsp
Green Chilli( finely chopped)    1tbsp
Freshly Ground Pepper            1tbsp
Ajinomoto                                1/2tsp
Soy Sauce                                1tbsp
Sugar                                        1/4tsp
Oil                                            2tbsp
Egg    lightly beaten                   1nos
Oil to fry


Heat oil in a wok add the ginger, garlic n chilli n fry for 30 seconds, add the white part of Spring onions n fry for a min. Then add the carrot, cabbage, bellpeppers n saute them well for a minute. Add ajinomoto, soy sauce, sugar, salt, pepper n saute for 30 seconds. add the Spring onions n remove from fire n cool
Place a piece of the Spring Roll pastry on the table one corner facing you and put 2 tbsp of filling in the center of the pastry
Fold the nearest corner of the pastry sheet n covering the filling, fold the two sides
Finish by rolling them away from you.
Glue the corner with egg n seal them tightly, Repeat the same process with the rest of the sheets.
Heat enough oil to fry in a frying pan, Fry the Spring Rolls in medium heat till they are golden brown n crisp on the outside.
Drain excess oil n serve with Sweet Chilli sauce.

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Spring rolls looks so crispy and very yummy...i love this one and really a wonderful event as well

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I love love spring rolls..looks great crispy n perfect!!
Nice event..will try to send my entry:)

yummy spring rolls...

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Spring rolls looks yummy..will definitely send my entries to GK..

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Happy hosting!

Spring rolls look so crispy and delicious!

Lovely spring rolls. Nice theme and happy hosting dear.

Unknown said...

Niloufer, wonderful event and delicious looking rolls. I loooooooove them. Will surely try to participate :)

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Love spring rolls, a perfect evening snack.. slurpp..

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roll looks crispy and delicious..very nicely presented.

thts bful and creative presentation dar..looks crispy n super yumm..lovely platter and presentation.thanks for sending all these innovative n creative entries to my event....

Satya said...

wow nice theme for global kadai ...happy hosting dear ...count me in ,,,ur spring rolls looks so crispy n perfect ...


Cool event! It will be interesting to know the differnt variations of spring rolls.

happy hosting we love spring rolls as well
will send you
check out the event in my site

Lovely spring rolls. Event also sounds great!

Hai niloufer, i just sent my entry ..pls check it out and let me know dear...

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nice blog! step by step pictures..looks so delicious and beautiful. thankyou for shearing this information with us. chowringhee kathi roll