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This laddu has always been my favorite right from my young age, Every time during Diwali our neighbours would make them a whole lot of goodies n share with us n I will always  looking out for these maaladdus. i love that powdery texture unlike other ladddus that are soft. My hubby has always been asking me to make them who is a great fan of laddus. Made them for Eid, actually I made them first by adding roasted cashews n accidently added more ghee resulting in a soft laddu unlike powdery one. Will post them later. Those were delicious, but I wasnt satisfied, So I went ahead n making another batch of laddus, this time added ghee little by little n got the perfect laddus. Since my ghee was nice golden in colour the laddus were light cream in colour unlike the whiter ones.
Sending them to Celebrate Sweets- ladoo guest hosted by Nithu event by Niveditha and to Sanyukta's
Visual treat

You need:

Dalia Dhal/ Roasted Channa Dhal                       1cup
Sugar                                                                  1cup
Ghee                                                                   1/4cup
Cardamom Powder                                             1/4tsp
Salt                                                                     1/8tsp


Roast the dal for 5 mintes just to remove the raw smell, grind them to a fine powder.
Grind the sugar n cardamom powder to a fine powder.
Melt the ghee.
Put the powdered dal, sugar n salt in a bowl n mix well. Add ghee little by little n see if you can form balls out of it., its not necessary to use up all the ghee, just enough to form laddus.
Form medium sized balls. The corrrect consistency is that if you break the laddu it should crumble like a powder.
Store them in an Air tight Container

Also sending MW Matta Aval Laddu, MW Rava Laddu,
MW Aval Laddu to Celebrate Sweets- Ladoo event guest hosted by Nithu event by


perfect laddu!

Lovely and cute laddus! Very tasty!

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Akila said...

my favorite one... love it....

Satya said...

those laddus looks very delicious ..yummy

yummy snack

aipi said...

Perfect n delicious ladoos..lovely presentation !

US Masala

Maaladdu looks to be too tasty and inviting.

Hamaree Rasoi

oh thats a beautiful presentation, very tempting laddu..

Priya Suresh said...

Cute looking maaladdu, very tempting..

Panchpakwan said...

Looks yummy laddos..


My favorite...remembering me those days...

Simplyfood said...

Ladoos look so scrumpticious nad the recipe is simple and uncomplicated.

Krishnaveni said...

lovely laddu, yum yum

These laddus looks awesome!

Urmi said...

Laddu looks perfect and yummy. Lovely presentation.