Soccer Ball Uthappam

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Uthappam  is one the favorite tifffin items in South India. The toppings for it is innumerable. Goes perfect with Sambar or chutney. I prepare Uthappam with Onion topping or Paneer topping. Since the soccer fever is on I wanted to make them in Soccer ball pattern. Cut the paneer slices in the required patterns, fried them n arranged them in the soccer ball pattern. If you want a healthier option you an grill them too.
Sending this Soccer ball Uthappam to my own event

You need:

Parboiled Rice                     2cups
Whole Urad Dhal                1/2cup
Toor Dhal                            1tbsp
Fenugreek seeds                  2tsp
Paneer                                  250gms(block)


Soak the rice n dhals together with fenugreek seeds for 4-5hours
Grind them to a soft batter n add the required salt.
Leave them to ferment for a minimum of 20 hours. Use them immediately or store in the refrigerator n use them as n when needed.
Take the required amount of Batter.

For the Soccer Ball pattern for 1 Uthappam you need 1 PENTAGON, 5 TRIANGLES, 5 STRIPS
Slice the Paneer thinly n cut them in Pentagon, triangle n into strips. Calculate how much Uthappam you are going to make n Cut the required Patterns. Fry them in oil till golden brown.
Heat the tawa, Keep them in low flame, Pour a laddleful of batter n spread them in round shape, dont spread them as you do for Dosai, it should be little thick , immedeiately arrange the Paneer in the soccer ball pattern,
place the pentagon shape in the centre, arrange five strips in the corners, n in the end of the stripe arrange 5 triangles,
Drizzle oil in the edges, Bring the heat to medium, turn them over n Cook them
Serve hot with Chutney n Sambar


Swathi said...

Looks really cute, soccer ball uthappam.

haha very cute n perfect for the event...welldone dear

Umm Mymoonah said...

Looks really cute, fun for kids too:)

Krishnaveni said...

looks too good, happy hosting for cws-sago

That's really cute! :)

Unknown said...

That is a great job decorating it or putting it that way on the plate. Love the idea !!!

Priya Suresh said...

Very beautiful uthappam, kids will love it..

Sri Vidya said...

loom delicious.. yummy

Rach said...

Very innovative of you. Really nice idea!

Very artistically done . Looks like soccer ball only :-)

Hamaree Rasoi

wow looks just like a soccer ball...well done niloufer

RV said...

This looks like a soccer ball. Nice idea and yummilicious


வித்தியசமாக ஊத்தாப்பம்...சாக்கர் ஃபல் அருமை..

Padmajha said...

That's a super innovative dish!nice way to make kids eat!!

Nithu said...

Wow! Cool uthappam for this season...Innovative...

Yasmeen said...

This would certainly impress my kiddo :D

lovely uthappam ..definetly kids will love it...