Churros con Chocolate Caliente

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Does the name sound something funny, its just Spanish Doughnut with Spanish Hot Chocolate.
Churros is a famous Spanish breakfast n is accompanied by Chocolate Caliente. In Spain Churros is made with a special instrument called Churrera. When I saw this instrument it resembled the cookie press n the plate had a fluted ring design. I searched my bakery box n found the same plate in my murukku achu, job easily done. At first I was very reluctant in making this coz I didnt know how that would taste, but after I made them my thoughts changed it was utterly delicious, crispy on the outside n soft inside.
The Hot Chocolate was thick , smooth, luscious n the best ever hot chocolate I ever had. both my hubby n my little loved them so much. Churros dipped in hot chocolate is a delicacy. It was divine. I even had 2 make a second batch of churros coz my little one loved dipping them in his cup of hot chocolate. There are two ways in making them actually one only two kind of ingredient, either with baking chocolate ot with milk chocolate. If you are using baking chocolate you have to add sugar. I used baking chocolate.
Sending them to AWED- SPAIN guest hosted by Priya Mitharwal event by DK

You need:

For Churros:

All purpose flour                         1cup
Water                                        1cup
Oil                                             1tbsp
Baking Powder                           1/4tsp
Sugar                                         1/2tsp
Salt                                             1/8tsp
Oil to deep fry
Several tbsp of granulated sugar

For Chocolate Caliente:

Milk (whole cream)                     500ml
Baking Chocolate                       80- 100gms
Sugar                                          1/4- 1/2cup
Cornflour                                    1tsp



The only point you have to remember is that the correct proportion for making churros is the ratio 1part flour with 1 part water. With this proportion you will have perfect Churros.
In a seperate pan boil the water with 1tbsp oil, sugar  n salt.
In a bowl mix in the flour n baking powder, add the hot water n mix them well till there are no lumps. The dough will be soft n sticky
Heat enough oil for frying churros. Place the dough in the Churrera or murukku Achu or Pastry bag n press them down in hot oil either iin strips or in curls. Deep fry till they are golden brown in colour. Remove them n Sprinkle the sugar genorously on the churros, Serve them warm with hot Spanish Hot Chocolate.

Chocolate Caliente:

Mix the corn flour in the milk. See to it that there no lumps, using a small egg whisker help.
Heat the milk n give a good boil. Remove them from heat n add in the baking chocolate n enough sugar n melt them.
Bring them back to heat n Boil them till they are thick n luscious, stirring all the time.
Remove from heat n Serve immediately with Churros

Got the original recipe from here


Krishnaveni said...

wow beautiful recipes great

Priya Suresh said...

YUmmmmm!!i dont bother to finish that whole plate and that tempting chocolate it..

Wow what a tempting combo,surely must have tasted heavenly...

Umm Mymoonah said...

Wow! That lloks delicious, a perfect snack

Satya said...

delicious churros this combo ..looks so yummy


Padmajha said...

Both the recipes look yum and I definitely would love to grab that hot chocolate right now :)

Lovely combination. Who wouldn't want it? ;-)


Hamaree Rasoi

Churros are something I have eaten at fairs and carnivals. :) So nice to see homemade ones!

Swathi said...

Nice churros and chocolate sauce Niloufer.

Unknown said...

Niloufer, that is such a mouth watering churro, I love them and with chocolate it must have tasted divine. I need to try them too :)

just love it...awesome n crisp

Lovely churros and caliente
making them sure is no regret

wow what aa delicios combo.. both looks so tempting.. feel to taste the
churros really yumm

churros one of my favourite...

shifa firoz said...

so tempting!! im drooling here! :) enjoying this virtually! :)