Tandoori Chicken Tortilla Wrap

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Now its a non-vegetarian wrap. I actually learnt this wrap from a famous Indian Chef Ajit kumar in UAE. He was demonstrating this wrap in a food feista conducted in a hypermarket here. I tried this at home and we really became a fan of this wrap. Yes, it was soooo tasty and filling. I usually pack this for lunch for my hubby. He likes the wrap as it is very convenient to have during his office time. Wrap them in sandwhich paper and pack. You can use use any chicken tikka, Frozen, grilled or microwaved. Im using Microwave chicken Tikka for this wrap.
 Make a crunchy salad with lettuce, onions, coriander leaves lemon juice and salt. Place them on the tortillas, place the chicken, Roll and cook with egg, The wrap is ready. Sending this tasty wrap to Global Kadai guest hosted by Divya event by Cilantro

You need:
Microwave Tandoori Chicken Tikka            1recipe
Homemade Tortillas                                     5nos
Lettuce (chopped)                                       1cup
Onions(chopped)                                         1cup
Coriander leaves( chopped)                         1/4cup
Lemon juice
Egg                                                              2nos

Beat the eggs with salt.
Mix the lettuce, onions, Coriander leaves, lemon juice and salt.
Heat the tawa. Place a tortilla and add 2tbsp of the beaten egg, and cook till the eggs are half cooked.
Remove the tortilla and place the salad three pieces of chicken. Fold on side to seal the end and roll them . Place them on the tawa again add a little egg just to seal the edges. Cook them for 1-2minutes till they are crispy on the outside and the egg cooked inside.

Serve hot


Priya Suresh said...

Beautiful wrap again, looks tempting..

Mouthwatering, just loved this one...

Nilo,,,nalla chicken wrap pa super ah irukku ,,rombha easy ah seithudalam..

Looks yummy with great filling....

Soma Pradhan said...

Nice Recipe dear

Yasmeen said...

Scrumptious wraps.I love such food demos :D

Joanne said...

And Indian take-out place near me serves tandoori chicken just like this! Delicious.

Silpa said...

Yummy. Nice apet...

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