Mixed Sprouts And Soy Cutlets/ Patties

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Still had some sprouts in my fridge and thought why not make them into cutlets. Didnt want to use regular potatoes for filling hence used soy kheema and to bind them I used oats powder. Added few spices and voila! the cutlets didnt let me down. They were soooooo delicious. You can also use soy chunks if you dont have soy kheema but see to it that it comes to about 1 cup. Frying in tawa with less oil makes them more healthy You can have them guilt free and the added point is that you can even freeze them in ziplock bags and fry them later( have a batch of frozen cutlets in freezer). Sending this to Divya's show-me-your-wholegrains and Anita's vegetable-marathon- beans

You need:
Mixed Sprouts                1 3/4cup
Soy kheema                    1 cup
Oats                                1cup
Corn Flour                      2tbsp
Wheat flour                     7tbsp
Onion                              2nos
Green Chilli                     2nos
Amchoor powder           1tbsp
Jeera powder                 1tsp
Chilli powder                  1tsp
Pepper powder               1tsp
Garlic                              2cloves
Coriander leaves             a handful
Bread crumbs                 1 1/2 cup

Cook the soy kheema and mixed sprouts for 10- 15 minutes, Drain them and keep aside.
Grind the oats to powder.
In the food processor blister the onions, green chillies, garlic, coriander leaves till they are chopped fine.
Then add the sprouts and soy kheema and again run the processor for a minute till they are blended together.
Put the mixture in a bowl and add oats powder, amchoor, chilli, jeera, pepper salt and corn flour and mix them well. Shape them into small patties.
Mix in enough water to wheat flour and make them into batter.
Dip the cutlets in thw batter drip the excess and roll them in bread crumbs.
Prepare all the cutlets in the same manner.
Now you can either freeze in zip lock bags them or fry them.
Heat a non-stick pan add little oil and fry the tawa till it turns golden on both sides.
Serve them hot with Sweet chilli sauce.

Sending them to Home Alone- Rescue Avi event by Preethi


Healthy snack, and lovely combo too...looks really delicious..

Priya Suresh said...

Wat a prefect way to enjoy sprouts, looks fantastic..

Thanks for stopping by n for ur lovely comment on my recipe dear,,you got such a nice blog with our traditional recipes..i like this cutlet with healthy sprouts,oats mixture dear,,which part in TN u r from dear?..

Panchpakwan said...

Ohh wow such a healthy patties..

Malar Gandhi said...

Very healthy and innovative snack for tea time, looks great.