Microwave Rava laddu

10:12 Niloufer Riyaz 3 Comments

This is the first time I am preparing sweets in microwave and was quite excitied about it.Since weekend is approaching had to prepare sweets and my first trial was rava laddu. Usually laddus are favorites with both my hubby and jr but had to stand in front of hot stove roasting the rawa and grinding them to a fine powder and making laddus. What a hard work! But now I can make them in microwave in less than 6 minutes and with no hard work. Sending this to efm-sweets-and-savories-for-diwali event by Srilekha.

You need:
Fine Rava                        2cups
Powdered Sugar              1 1/2 cups
Ghee                                3/4cup
Cardamom powder           1/2tsp
Salt                                   a very small pinch

Put the rava in a microwave plate and microwave high for 2 minutes stirring every minute.
Grind the rava to a fine powder and again microwave high for 2 minutes stirring every minute.
Microwave ghee for 30 seconds in a microwave bowl.
In a bowl add the rava, sugar, salt. cardamom powder and cashews. Gradually add ghee while they are hot and mix them. You can adjust the amount of ghee it can be more or less.
Make small balls, cool and store.


Rava laddu looks perfect & very tempting clicks, i have never done any sweet dish so far in a microwave,but sounds exciting..will surely try this way next time

I tried so many things in microwave but this one i never tried rava laddu looks delicious.

Sorry, but what is that "rava"?
I ask you because this sweet looks very nice!