Roti Jala/ malaysian lace pancakes

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Roti Jala or lace pancakes is made with a specially desingned cup. You can buy this in any big stainless steel vessel shop. This is a special breakfast made during both Eid ul fitr and Eid ul Adha our two festivals. In our grandmother's house we used to make this jalar in huge quantity as its a sure hit and not only that we used to get up at 2 am to prepare this delicacy. Making Jalar is an art. Never get disheartened if you dont get it perfect the first time. Practice alone makes a perfect jalar. Vattalappam is the perfect combo for Roti Jala and sending this delicasy to Pari's Combo Event and Priya's Pancakes event

You need:
All purpose flour                 2 cup
Coconut milk                      1 1/2 cup
Egg                                    2nos
Yellow food color               few drops

Beat the eggs well with coconut milk, mix in the flour, salt and food color.
Add water and make it into a thin batter. It should be free of lumps.
To test the consistency of the batter pour a laddle of batter in the cup and if the batter  flows down freely then the consistency iy is correct, if not dilute it with a little more water.
Heat the tawa, Pour a laddle of batter in the jalar cup and make circular rounds around the pan and small inner circles . The pancakes should resemble a flowery lace.
 The pancakes just takes a few seconds to cook. drizzle little ghee and remove the pancakes.Fold it into triangles. No need to turn over and cook.
Never pour the batter from a tall height as the batter will pour as drops and making the roti jala should be fast then only you will get a thin pancake.
Serve with vattilappam

here is the link for the vattalappam recipe which Ive alredy posted: Vattalappam recipe


Kiran said...

Dear UmmRazeen,
Love the Malaysian style pancake.It looks like a piece of art in the frying pan,looks very beautiful must have tasted very good.Where can we get the pancake maker for this recipe and what is it called?Please let me know.
Thank you,

Hai! Kiran

Thanks for your lovely comments. Roti jala is our speciality pancakes. the specific cup is called " Jalar cup" or in collocial tamil "Jalar kopai( cup)".
It is widely available in tanjore and nagapattinam districts( tamil nadu) in utensil shops or pathira kadai. I dont know whether they are available in other states.Do try this recipe.