Gehun Parotta/ Whole wheat flour parotta

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Gehun or Atta or wheat flour is fully loaded with nutrients and when it combines with maida then it transforms to a tasty parotta. When ever I get bored with making usual parotta I make this which is as tasty as the normal ones. I use equal parts of Maida and atta, if you donot want to use more maida then increase the atta and reduce the maida. This recipe does not want more resting time and can be prepared within no time. Sending this recipe to Srilekha's efm-parathas-and-gravies-curries-series.

You need:
Wheat flour                  1cup(heaped)
Maida                          1cup (heaped)

Make a soft dough with atta, maida and salt.
Divide into equal parts, and apply oil on it and allow to rest for atleast 1/2 and hour.
Roll out the dough to a very thin chappati apply little oil and fold it as for making a paper fan.
Roll it like a coil, then again roll it out .
Cook the parottas on a hot tawa by drizzling little oil.
Beat the cooked parottas between your palms so as to show the layers.
Serve with a favorite Gravy of yours


Simplyfood said...

Lovely step by step instructions help in making these parathas easily.I like the flaky layers.

ruchikacooks said...

These parathas are top have captured the rings in them so beautifully..mouth watering

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow, ge'hun ki parotta sounds healthy to me, looks perfect and feathery:) So, let me know...when can I drop in, he he....just kidding:)

wow! lovely parathas....looks so flaky and yum!!

I tried another Recipe once, it didn't turn out well ..
Will try this one . It looks so absolutely perfect.