Strawberry..Syrup Sandwich

22:11 Niloufer Riyaz 0 Comments

At last! we named this sandwich today. We were really strugling to find a name to this sandwich which is our favorite now. Just the most easy and tasty recipe. jr loves this and he always calls it sand beach( he is only three).So I thought why not post this easy recipe which is a perfect breakfast and a typicall lunch box or snack box treat for kids. Sending this recipe to PJ's no cook event and Srivalli's Kids delight snacks

You need:
White bread                     3nos
Salted butter                     2tbsp
Strawberry syrup              1 1/2 tbsp

Trim the edges of the bread.
On one side of the bread spread 1tbsp butter and 3/4 syrup, Place another slice. Spread the remaining syrup. On the third slice apply 1 tbsp butter and place on the second slice buttered slice down.
Cut the sandwich diagonally and Serve.