Abbadi milkshake

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Abbadi is yet another favorite milkshake served in the cafterias  and restaurants in UAE. It s a combination of avacado, mango, banana and strawberry. Its tangy and sweet and fulfilling.You can alter the amount  and consistency to your taste(I have altered it a little to suit our taste) Sending this recipe to Siri healing food avacado,and PJ's no-cook-event. This recipe serves Two.

You need:
Avacado               1 nos
Mango                   1nos
Banana                  1nos
Strawberry            3nos
Milk                      1/2 cup
Vanila icecream     2 large scoops
Sugar                    2 1/2tbsp to 3 tbsp
Ice cubes
Strawberry syrup

Blend everything together except strawberry sauce.
Pour it in the glass and drizzle the syrup along the rim. the syrup will slowly drip down and create a beautiful design.
Enjoy !

sending this again to madhuri's serve-me-some-juices-shakes-smoothies event


Priya Suresh said...

Wow dunno where u get this sort of delicious shakes, really yummy!!