Easy Bread Rasmalai

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Quite an unusual dessert but very easy to make. I once had this dessert when travelling in Indian Airliness and was just amazed by its taste. The combination of the salty taste of the butter and the sweetness of the custard is simply superb. I call it Indian Airliness dessert as I have had that only during flight and have not tasted it anywhere else. Its a perfect dessert when you have unexpected guests. You can cut the bread in any shape but I made it in heart shapes and this recipe is going directly to hearts-for-st-valentines-day. event hosted by Priya

You need:
White bread                   4nos
Butter(slightly salted)      2 1/2 tbsp
Milk                              250ml
Custard powder            1 1/2tbsp
Sugar                            1 1/2tbsp
Condensed milk             2tbsp
Nuts to decorate

Cut the bread into heart shapes( 4 pieces) using a heart shaped biscuit cutter and fry them in butter.
Mix the custard powder in 1 tbsp mlik. Boil the rest of the milk, add sugar, condensed milk, and custard powder paste. Boil till the mixture thickenes, It should be in pouring consistency.
Place two pieces per bowl and pour custard on top.
Garnish with nuts. Refrigerate and Serve.

The recipe calls for small sized bread. If you are using large sized bread slices you will get more pieces and can increase the amount of custard prepared.
The custard should submerge the bread slices, as a guidance I have poured little custard in the photsos to show the bread hearts.
If you feel the custard is a bit watery add little more custard powder mixed in milk.
You can do this dessert without condensed milk. Just increase the sugar and add 2tbsp custard powder instead of 11/2.
If you donot have enough time for refrigeration place it in the freezer for about half an hour or till it just gets cold.


Priya Suresh said...

Such a tempting and easy rasmalai, looks fantastic and thanks for sending Umm..

Sumi said...

very nice and a simple sweet recipe..