Avacado Milkshake

22:42 Niloufer Riyaz 2 Comments

Avacado the Green Queen ia an all-rounder as it can be made it into a dessert, dip or just anything you can imagine. It is just loaded with nutrients and make nutritious baby food. This is just the easiest milkshake to make, not only nutritious but also fulfilling.Sending this recipe to Siri's healing foods avacado and PJ's No Cook Event

You need:
Avacado                  3 nos
Milk                         250ml
Vanilla Icecream       2 large scoops
Sugar                        4tbsp
Ice cubes
Strawberry syrup   

Blend the ingredients together except the strawberry syrup. Adjust the milk and sugar  to your taste.
In the serving bowl  pour slowly the strawbery syrup along the inner rim of the glass.
Allow the yrup to drip down the glass. Without disturbing the syrup pour the milkshake.
This serves two people.


Priya Suresh said...

Slurpp!!beautiful milkshake..

Siri said...

Yummy looking milkshake! Thanks for sending to HF:Avocado.