Pandan Coconut Agar Agar Pudding

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This is a speciality dish from my mother. Pandan leaves is found in east asian countries and it also plays an important role in flavouring their dishes be it sweet or savoury. The leaves can also be used in our cooking also in making non-vegetarian dishes and payasam.

You need:
China Grass                           4gms
Coconut milk (thick)             275ml
Water                                    300ml
Sugar                                    3/4 cup
Egg (medium)                      1 nos
Pandan leaves                     3-4
Salt                                      a very small pinch

Soak the china grass for 2 hours.
Grind the pandan leaves with 50 ml coconut milk and strain.
Beat the eggs well and mix it with the remaining coconut milk and pandan milk.
Boil the china grass with 300 ml water , sugar and a small pinch of salt.
When the china grass dissolves completely, Strain.
Mix the milk and egg mixture and bring it to boil.
When the mixture curdles, pour it in a dish and allow to set.
If the mixture curdles properly the agar agar pudding will divide itself into white and green colour.
Refrigerate, turn in into a plate, Cut  and serve.

You can add few drops green color at last.. when it seperates it divides itself into light green and dark green color..

You can substitute the sugar with either jaggery/ gula melaka/ kitul jaggery  around 140-150 gms .. adjust to taste