My little Princess

15:40 Niloufer Riyaz 11 Comments

Hai friends!! After really a very long time. Sharing my happiness with you all A new member has come to our family " My little princess"  Thats de reason for suddenly vanishing from the blogging world. just couldnt blog for the past 8 months with my pregnancy. Hope to return soon to the blogging world.  See you all !Bye!!


Hi dear, so happy to hear from you again! Really glad that you've not forgotten me!! :D

Welcome to the world of fantasy dear little princess! Longing to see your pics ;)

Take care of yourself and the baby dear!


Congrats to your family...My love to the little princess...

Aparna Vijay said...

Hey Congrats!!!

Congrats dear on your new princess. Adjust well and get plenty of rest. Lots of blessings to the baby girl :)

Priya said...

COngrats dear, hope u both are doing well..hugs to ur lil princess..

happy to hear the wonderful news Inshallah enjoy and rest

Umm Mymoonah said...

Wow! That's a great news to break, hearty congratulations :)

Congratulations on the new arrival! Is this your first baby? Last year, I became a mom too. Sometimes it's hard to believe, but nonetheless, nothing matches that feeling of joy and contentment you get when you raise a child.

I started following you a few weeks back. Love your recipes. Will keep checking back for some more ..especially arab recipes!

Congrats. Take care.

PJ said...

Congrats dear. That's indeed a happy news. Hugs to ur Lil princess. Take care Niloufer :)

Sri Vidya said...

Congrats Niloufer!! Hope u r doing good and enjoying your motherhood !!!